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Time to Consider an Energy Audit

oil wellAs the belt tightening continues at businesses up and down the United Kingdom, you may well be worth all companies to undergo an Energy Audit.

With the economic crisis at the forefront of everyones’ minds, shaving a few numbers off the yearly bills would be most welcome.

As a very conservative figure, you can expect to save at least 10% on your annual business energy bills.

However, figures of 20% and even 50% can be achieved, so perhaps that might persuade you to carry out an audit.

In basic terms an energy audit is a survey of your business energy usage throughout your premises, carried out by a professional and qualified team of operatives.

The analysis which results from your inspection will allow you to formulate a plan which will allow you to save energy in the future by reducing consumption and of course, operating costs.

Of course there may be an initial outlay, but the results should save you money and in effect, the audit will pay for itself.

So what exactly does an energy audit entail?

Auditors will visit your business premises or site to carry out an in-depth examination of your energy consumption, as well as looking at all the elements within your business which affect your energy efficiency.

You will then receive a full report which will provide you with the costings to improve your current systems and implement changes to improve efficiency.

They will provide you with recommendations which are based on their findings and of course compliant with the relevant legislation.

You can then make an informed judgement on what changes to make within your company to start an energy policy and secure the savings you desire.

There are a number of organisations who can carry out your energy audit, and many of them offer guarantees on your investment in the audit in terms of savings made.

Shop around and take care in choosing. Some companies may offer a free audit, but it may be that they stand to make a commercial benefit by selling you their services or equipment.

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