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Why Protecting Your Roof is Good for the Environment

There are various ‘green’ methods for the home that you may have read about that involve buying energy efficient appliances, or investing in insulation. However, it is important to also think about the parts of your home that are already in place and how to make them ‘greener’ too. Let’s take a look at roof protection and the positive impact it can have on the environment (and your bank balance).

What is roof protection?

There are various types of roof protection, however the most popular is roof coating. This type of roof protection can prevent damage from adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, snow, wind and even sunlight. All of these elements can cause damage in your roof that could then start a leak, cause drafts or even rot away the entire roof in time.

This additional layer will also have waterproof properties that will help bind the roof flashing to whatever material your roof is made from, such as shingles, slate or metal panels. This will substantially slow down the deterioration of the materials used in your roof and also prevent leaks in parts that are the most susceptible (such as where the flashing is used).

When a professional has been called in to coat your roof they will first look for any damage that may already be there. This could include loose shingles, worn away material or broken parts. They will then recommend these areas to be fixed before the coating can be laid on, in order for it to be most effective.

The roof will then be coated in a thick membrane that is completely waterproof and aids in the protection from adverse weather, as well as UV rays.

Once your roof has been coated, you will instantly be able to notice the difference, including the number of environmental benefits as well!

The environmental benefits to protecting your roof

There are several environmental benefits when protecting your roof that will ensure you are being more eco-friendly and also more bank balance friendly! When your roof has been coated it is less susceptible to leaks, drafts and other damage which can cause your home to lose heat. If your home is losing heat through the roof (which can happen even if insulation is in place) then you are going to be using more energy in an effort to keep the property warm.

The smallest of holes in your roof can cause some serious damage, especially as they begin to widen due to rotting or the weather. Warm air rises and so will find an opportunity to escape your house pretty easily! When you turn on your heating you are using more fossil fuels and more energy that will increase your carbon footprint, meaning that it is bad for the environment. With a roof coating you can ensure that it is well protected and that you are not going to be dealing with holes, damages, drafts or leaks.

There is another large environmental benefit to roof coating and that is elongating the lifetime of your property. Those who let their roof fall prey to the elements could find themselves forking out for repairs or a complete replacement within 5-10 years. This will not only cost you a fortune, but will also have a negative impact on the environment. The materials used to build a new roof would be in greater supply if people looked after their property a little bit more!

Other types of home protection that are environmentally friendly

It is not just roof protection that can help your home become more environmentally friendly, you can also look at wall protection too. This works in a very similar way to roof coating, but can be applied all over the outside of your home. It is another great way of stopping drafts from entering your house and also keeping the hot air inside.

Again, using this type of protection will minimise the number of times you have to have a wall repaired or replaced, thereby doing your bit for the environment at the same time!

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