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Going Green: Top Eco Tips for Cars

Car owners are always on the lookout for ways to cut down costs for maintenance, gasoline, and other relevant expenses. It would take forever if you are waiting for the gasoline stations to have a ‘sale’ on their products. However, there are other, better ways for you to save. By simply knowing the options, you can make a huge difference.

Top Ten Tips for Car Owners

You can stretch your driving budget by simply following these eco tips for cars:

1. Get rid of the junk in the trunk. If the trunk is full of unnecessary things, your car will also need more gas to run. Stop the clutter and save gas.

2. Proper maintenance of tires is overlooked by many car owners. It would be a good idea to regularly check if the tires are inflated properly. Fuel efficiency is affected by underinflated tires.

3. Fuel economy is guaranteed if you are a smart driver. Avoid accelerating, braking hard, and speeding.

4. Consider alternative fuel like biodiesel so that your car can run on a renewable fuel source. You can also look into ethanol but since not all car models accept ethanol, biodiesel is much better. For example, there are flexible fuel capable cars being manufactured by General Motors.

5. Get a car that is more efficient. Check the gas mileage. Fuel-efficient cars usually offer 16mpg to 30mpg. You can switch to an SUV or perhaps a smaller car.

6. Save gas through car pooling. With this eco tip, several individuals who are heading in the same direction can ride in the same car together. The result is fewer cars on the road; hence, there’ll be less traffic and gas is saved.

7. Share your car. This is similar to car pooling. When you share your car, you can also request the riders to shoulder a portion of the cost of gas.

8. Consider mass transit. If you don’t want to consume gas, you can ride the bus instead or any other available public transportation. Depending on the mode of transport, you can also save money because there are times when the fare is lower than buying gas for your car.

9. Negotiate with your boss for a 4-day workweek. This is not always acceptable but it all depends on the nature of your job. Some individuals are lucky to have flexible work schedules; if you are one of them, make the negotiation now.

10. Consider telecommuting. Work from home opportunities is very popular today. Though this may not work for everyone, those who are interested in telecommuting can save a lot on car expenses.

These are the ten tips that car owners can follow to save on expenses. You can pick the ones that fit into your situation. You don’t have to follow all the eco tips. The decision is still yours. Try to learn everything about fuel economy and fuel efficient cars on the market.

Make changes to your driving habit. This is a good start. You should know how to drive safely and properly to minimize gas consumption.

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