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Dating, The Eco-Friendly Way

Social activities, such as dating, can be undertaken with minimal carbon footprint. Good news for couples, and could-be couples, who are both into the green lifestyle. Find out how.

1. Date someone near you

Look for love that is closer to home. Not only can you come up with a hefty savings in gas and fare expenses, but you also lower your carbon count extensively. If a considerable amount of distance between you and your date is really inevitable, for instance, living on opposite sides of the city, then take the public transportation or car pool with friends if possible.

2. Buy environment-friendly gifts

Women generally like flowers. And for that, opt for blooms that are in-season and produced locally. If you can find the organic ones, that would be even better. An alternative to flowers, if it happens to be the winter season, is homemade gifts. Don’t have the talent for handicraft? Ask someone to do it for you. Make sure the homemade gift is made of recycled materials for an even better impression.

3. Take part in ecological activities together

Instead of going to the movies or watching your favorite band (which just lacks imagination, by the way) why not volunteer in an environmental activity together? Or sign up for a local and sustainable cooking lesson. This would be the right time to find out if your date would turn out to be a good cook or not. One of you is not very handy in the kitchen? Then you can join recycled paper-making classes, go bird watching, plant a garden together (and see if it will outgrow your love), or take a stroll in the park (while holding hands). A stroll is too relaxed for you? Join walks-for-a-cause, it’s good for the body and the soul as well. Any activity as long as you do it together and offsets carbon count is recommended.

4. Choose eco-friendly restaurants

Book a table in restaurants that serve dishes with locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Also, make sure that the place uses cloth instead of paper napkins. Prior to the day of your date, dine in a restaurant of your choice, and candidly ask the maitre d’ if their produce is bought in the local farmer’s market. And what best to accompany a meal than with a good bottle of organic wine?

5. Love is in the (unpolluted) air

Setting the mood can be done in numerous ways. Request for candlelit dinners if that’s possible. If you’re the woman and would like to ask your male date to stay the night, then make sure that you use bedding items made from sustainable fibers. You can also choose from organic cotton or bamboo. Keep a bottle of organic champagne in your cellar in case conversations go deep into the night.

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Fran is one of the many contributing writers at Cupid’s Library who understands that finding someone who you can be compatible with in lifestyle choices can sometimes be daunting. But fret no more, as her team of writers features a review of green dating sites specifically catering to those practicing the eco-friendly lifestyle.

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