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Save Energy By Using Less Hot Water

Did you know that heating hot water for showers and baths accounts for about ten percent of the average energy bill? By reducing the amount of hot water you use, you can have a significant impact on your energy use. Of course, when you use less energy, your bills will go down and you will see an almost immediate return on any money you have spent. Take a look at these three ways to reduce your hot water use:

save energy by using less hot water


1. Change Your Shower Head

While it may not seem obvious at first glance, installing a lower flow showerhead can greatly impact the energy you use to heat water in your home. In fact, some showerheads are marketed specifically as energy-saving heads. These heads reduce the amount of water used during the shower, so less water has to be heated for each shower. This is how they create energy savings. With modern showerheads, installing one that limits the flow does not mean you will be left with inferior pressure or a trickling shower. In fact, you probably will not notice a difference until the lower bills start rolling in.


2. Reduce the Heat

By reducing how hot your showers are, you can save money and make your hot water system more energy efficient. Most hot water heaters have a thermostat on the tank or cistern that you can turn down. Since 70 percent of the water using during a shower is hot, reducing the flow can also help. If you have a power shower pump, check its flow controls. You may be able to reduce the flow and your bills simply by moving this knob.


3. Consider Updating Your System

New hot water heaters and shower pumps are more energy efficient than those that were made even a decade ago. If your hot water heater is several years old, you may want to consider replacing it with a better insulated one that is designed to use less energy. Even cheap shower pumps made today are much more efficient than older models, maximizing pressure and flow while consuming minimum energy. By simply installing a new energy saving shower pump or a negative head shower pump, can help you reduce your bills.


Saving energy is not only good for the planet; it is good for your wallet. By following these tips to reduce your hot water use, you can also reduce your energy bill. Consider making changes to make your house more energy efficient today.

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