After Going Green: Promoting Your Business’s New Image

You have taken some important steps to make your business greener. You understand the benefits of a green business and can’t wait to experience them. However, you know that one of the bonuses is having your customers know all about your practices. Many of them will appreciate that you try to run your business in an eco-friendly manner. You might also be looking for other businesses who will recognize you as a green company. Perhaps your business is even based entirely on eco-friendly principles. So how can you promote your business as one that cares about the environment?

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Make Your Environmental Policy Clear

The first thing you should do is let everyone know about your environmental policy. If you don’t have one, it’s time to make one. You need to explain how your company pledges to be eco-friendly. That might include sourcing materials responsibly or saving energy and water. Your website is the perfect place to display this information. But you might include it in other important media and documents. There are many people who will want to know this information. They might be particularly interested in where your materials come from. This is especially true if you use a natural resource such as wood.


The Importance of Networking

Networking with other business people is vital in any industry. If your goal is to work with other green businesses, you need to seek out networking opportunities. Conferences and trade shows are ideal if you want to meet a large number of people at one event. You can attend local occasions or global events, such as Mexico’s Renewable Energy Conference. Conferences can give you the chance to make business deals and develop relationships. However, you don’t have to wait until major events. You can also ensure you join your local community of green businesses.

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Using Social Media

Social media is always a useful tool for promoting your business. It’s free, unless you use paid advertising. It also gives you a direct line to customers and other business people. It helps to make conversation more open so you can discuss green issues. You can use social media to share content about your eco-friendly business efforts. Talk about relevant news and start discussions on the issues that matter in your industry. It helps to be aware of hashtags you can use on Twitter and important groups to join. It can also help you to improve SEO for your green activities.



One of the things that can help to promote your green business is to make it official. You can look for ways to certify your position as an eco-friendly business. You might find them at a local or national level, or even a global one. For example, you might want to join a group such as the Green Business Bureau. By having these stamps of approval, you can display them on your website and other promotional material.

Promoting your green business activities is essential if you want customers to know about them. Don’t rely on people to go looking for them.

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