5 Most Incredible Electric Bicycle Tours

With electric bicycles rising in popularity every day, more and more people are picking them up. They are very environment friendly and also offer efficiency. Some of those people had the inspiration and courage to go on some of the longest expeditions by electric bike in the world. Today we’re taking a look at the most adventurous of them. Hopefully they will inspire you to pick up an electric bicycle (mountain/city/street) and do something similar (you can choose from a variety of electric bike shops worldwide:,, etc…).

Trans-American Electric Bike Tour

This is the most popular electric bicycle in the tour because it features traveling from one coast of USA to the other. Usually the trip goes from New York City to San Francisco, California. It is a once in a lifetime experience and more and more people are attempting it. It’s a long journey, almost 6500 kilometres long but you can to see so many difference landscapes, towns and different weather in almost every part.

Electric Bike World Tour

After the USA tour we have the world tour! Guim Valls Teruel, a famous Spanish biker managed to finish this route in 2009. It’s a fantastic feat that requires a lot of determination and a good bike! Back then electric bicycles were not as popular as they are today but his adventure inspired many to follow that path. It took him 3 years to complete and he claims it was one of the best experiences of his life.

Sahara Tour

Traveling in the USA, traveling around the world, but what about crossing the Sahara desert on an electric bike? That is also a massive challenge that does not only test your biking skills but also your endurance to extreme weather. Susanne Bruesch and Sebastian Plog managed to do it in 2011. Their adventure was over 2000 kilometres long. First question that comes to mind is “how did they recharge their electric bikes?” The truth is they carried with them solar trailers which kept their bikes going for the whole journey.

Tour around Australia

Next up we have a tour circling Australia, which means over 18000 kilometres worth of distance on an electric bike. This tour was first completed by Maximilian Semsch in 2012. It took him 6 months to complete and was one of the most amazing experiences.

E-Bike Journey across Canada

Finally we have this incredible expedition by electric bike going through the cold but gorgeous landscapes of Canada. The tour’s starting point was Vancouver and the finish goal was Halifax. The journey was actually completed relatively fast compared to the others and part of it is thanks to Justin Lemire-Elmore going well prepared. He fitted his electric bike with all the necessary parts and tools to be able to carry all his belongings on his own.

Did these amazing tours and expeditions inspire you to grab your electric bike and go on a journey? Above all you’ll be taking a challenge and having an incredible experience but you’d also be sending a hopeful message towards a future with more green sustainable travel options.

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