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8 Ways to Go Green With Your Car

go green with your carIn the modern era, it is not just a fad to go green with your vehicles rather it is a need of the hour. Considering the levels of pollution that are rising remarkably around the surface of earth, we need to ensure that we do our best to reduce it.

There are certain things that we cannot control on personal level. However, the small practices such as going green with the car and trying to reduce pollution are a few things we can do to make a positive contribution towards safeguarding our environment.

A few simple steps can help you in ascertaining that your car is safe with the environment point of view:

Ensure the Regular Servicing of the Vehicle

Time to time servicing of the car has many benefits to it. First and foremost it makes your car efficient in terms of fuel as well as performance. Since the fuel efficiency means less wastage, it ensures the vehicle is environment friendly and doesn’t cause much pollution.

The servicing of the car should be done at regular intervals. We sometimes try to save time and money by skipping the servicing schedule. However, our little timely efforts will make significant difference to the cleanliness of environment we breathe in. The servicing includes- checking the performance of the car engine, the condition of its tyres, the changing of oil, oil filter and air filters etc.

Dispose of the Wastage Properly

Cars do have their own wastage that needs to be controlled and disposed of in an efficient manner. The old tyres and batteries are often seen lying here and there around the garages and road sides. If one takes care of their duty as a responsible citizen of the society, it will be possible to keep our surroundings clean and green.

Use CNG Instead of Petrol and Diesel

Although most of the car manufacturing companies have started making vehicles that mostly run on gas. It not only saves the environment from getting polluted but also saves a lot on our monthly expenses.

Filling up your fuel tank with the gasoline is much economical as compared to petrol or diesel. Therefore, try to avoid buying the car that runs on petrol or diesel. These fuel oils release carbon components in the air due to combustion. Such vehicle pollution is one of the major contributors in the heightened pollution levels around earth surface.

Drive with patience. Slow accelerating can save you lots of fuel and this will increase the mileage.

Support the Eco-Friendly Moves by Your Government

The governing bodies in a few countries have adopted some proactive measures to control the vehicle pollution. It sometimes causes minor inconveniences to the civilians such as odd and even schemes, “no vehicle day” celebrations, promoting of public transport etc. If the government in your country is taking some solid steps to control the pollution, try to follow them. It may be inconvenient for the moment but it is extremely beneficial for our environment.

Initiate Car-Pooling

Car-pooling is one of the most fabulous ideas of saving on a large amount of fuel consumption. We can easily identify people rushing to their workplaces in their personal cars. Car-pooling can be planned in many ways. You can pool the car with your family members or neighbours or nearby colleagues of the same institution.

Car-pooling can not only save you on fuel but also helps you in making new social contacts and friends in the society. Meeting new people and respecting their efforts to go green with the environment is one of the strongest messages that should be passed on to the next generation.

Do Not Change Your Vehicle, Change Its Engine

People, who can afford it, often find it easy to replace their old car when they see its efficiency getting reduced. However, if one can realize that they can save a lot of money by replacing the engine of their old vehicle, they will certainly reconsider their plan.

Replace the old engine as soon as you realize that its efficiency is reduced and more waste is being generated with its usage. Engine may cost a little more than other spare parts of the car but it will save you on those numerous EMIs that can be used otherwise.

Use GPS for All New Roads

If you are travelling to a new road or destination, it is suggested that you use GPS by all means. GPS finds out the shortest route and takes you to the destination in minimum possible time, alarming of the jams and traffic.

Instead of wasting time and fuel by asking people or using ATLAS for discovering the route, GPS is the best method to opt for!

Keep the Disposable Bag in Car

Like we have dustbins in our house, it will be nice if we can keep some disposable bags in the car. Car often gets dirty by the trash that we leave in the car and then casually throw it out on the road. We will contribute to the cleanliness of our environment by disposing the trash in most hygienic manner.


These are some simple yet highly effective ideas that will help you to go green with your car! To find about car maintenance and fuel savings, visit this website.

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