Commercial Trash Compactor – Should You Get One?

Commercial Trash Compactor

Waste is a big issue that must be properly managed to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Waste management is an important step in keeping our environment clean now and even for our future generations. Most people do not want to think about waste disposal as it is a thorn in the flesh of most of us. However with proper plan, waste can easily be managed and disposed the proper way.

One of the most effective ways of proper waste disposal is investing in a commercial trash compactor.

What Is A Commercial Trash Compactor?

This is a type of waste management equipment that is designed to help reduce the impact of waste that is produced from households or commercial areas. The equipment works on a model where garbage or trash is placed inside it and then a metal ram is used to crush the waste into smaller pieces that are easy to manage. These smaller pieces of garbage are then placed inside a trash compactor bag.

A commercial trash compactor therefore ensures that waste is properly and easily managed thus leaving a cleaner environment that is safe for all.

Why Should You Get A Commercial Trash Compactor?

Here below are some good reasons for you to invest in a good commercial trash compactor to help you manage your waste disposal well.

It helps reduce awful odors that emanate from trash

Some waste especially organic wastes have a tendency of emitting odors which can be unbearable for people. By using a trash compactor such kids of odor will greatly be minimized because most trash compactors are usually liquid-tight or air-tight. There even some trash compactors that have air sanitizers that help to ensure odors are kept at a minimum.

Helps to reduce waste management costs

Because trash compactors help to crush the generated trash, the volume of the trash is reduce. This makes so easy for you to manage and even dispose the waste. The kind of compactor that you will choose will depend on your unique needs with regards to your desired compression ratio. Compressed trash helps lower the number waste hauling visits by the waste hauling companies. You will find that per visit, you will be able to dispose more waste than you previously did before using a trash compactor to compress your waste.

You will save on the space that is needed to store waste

Even though you may be generating the same amount of waste, if you have a trash compactor, the volume of the waste will significantly be reduced. A good compactor usually reduces the volume of generated waste by between 50 and 90 percent. In most businesses spaces and even homes, space can sometimes be a constraint, therefore, using a trash compactor to help free up more space is good.

Better sanitation

Waste the lies around loosely around poses a possible risk of disease explosion at the premises. If you have a trash compactor the waste will be compressed to small sizes that easily fit in garbage bins thus the area will look neat and clean with minimal odor. You wouldn’t want to have a space that is looks unsightly with garbage all strewn around. The answer to waste that takes up more space is a trash compactor which helps to make them smaller.

Reduces the chance of fire hazard

Fire safety is a crucial aspect of any home or business premise. With loose trash and debris all around at your space, there is the risk of the trash catching fire accidentally or even aiding the fire in case it occurs. Having your garbage reduced with a trash compactor helps to reduce garbage fire related accident risks at your home or business premises.

Contributes to a greener environment

Apart from saving big on your waste management and disposal costs, you will also be delighted to having contributed to a greener environment. Plastic bottles and other plastic related waste, usually take up lots of space, therefore storing them for later recycling is a great idea. A trash compactor easily helps you to compress bulky plastic waste into a smaller volume that is easy to manage as you wait to send them to a recycling company.

They are convenient

The task of installing a trash compactor is usually a one-off trade, and once it is installed it is almost maintenance free.  A trash compactor is so easy to operate once it has been installed. All one needs to do is have it plugged to an electric power source and press the button.

Once the button is turned on, the trash inside of it will be compressed accordingly and all that will be left behind after the process is a well compressed trash that is compact and easy to carry.

Easy and efficient handling of liquid waste

Handling liquid waste is usually tricky more so when you only have open dumpsters which can make the task quite unhygienic. Commercial trash compactors come in a variety of types and there are those that have liquid-tight enclosures. This type of trash compactor makes your task of compacting and disposing waste that is wet easy and efficient.

They enable you to easily tackle insect and vermin problems

When you use trash compactors which are air-tight, it helps to keep insects or vermin from invading your trash. As a result, it helps to avoid more problems that may be caused by the invading insects on your trash. Remember that insects that crawl could also carry germs from the trash back to the house or office so reducing and keeping the trash air-tight is very important.

Final remarks

Trash compactors help to reduce the volume of waste thus making the task of waste management and disposal easy and efficient. You may have to make substantial initial investment on a trash compactor unit but the benefits that will come after this will be many. Once the equipment is installed and working, you will realize that it is almost maintenance free.

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