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Oct 31

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

If you are planning your wedding day and want to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, there are many options, but making sure your wedding rings are eco-friendly might not be the first thing that springs to mind. With issues around conflict diamonds and unsafe gold mining practices around the world, there are measures …

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Oct 01

Natural Ways to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry is something that even the most stout environmentalist enjoys. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some beautiful things, as long as you take care of them in an environmentally conscious way. After all, you spend so much time finding jewelry that’s locally made, or causes as small of an impact as possible, and you spend …

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Jan 04

Eco Friendly Wedding Trends

eco friendly wedding trends

Your special day doesn’t have to hurt the earth. You can make your wedding safe for the environment by considering a number of green strategies that are continuing to grow in popularity this year as more and more people become aware of their impact on the earth. Ponder these trends for an eco-friendly wedding while …

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