5 Ways To Be Green And Save Money In The Process

There are 2 major trends happening in the world right now – firstly, people want to save money, since this whole recession thingy has made everyone a bit short – and secondly, people want to start caring about the environment, though often only if it’s no hassle.

So this post will help you to do both, you can do your bit for nature and keep a little bit more cash in your pocket all in one fell swoop. Cool huh?

Shop Local / Eat Local

You ever noticed how most foods are available to purchase all year round, regardless of season? Well, next time you go to buy a punnet of strawberries in the middle of winter, think about where they have come from.

Eating locally produced food means eating what is in season, many would argue that this is healthier; it is certainly more natural, it reduces carbon miles and you may well find that your food is better and cheaper.

Grow Your Own

This is the logical progression from eating locally grown food – you can’t get much more local than a planter outside your back door. You can grow food practically for free, sure it takes time, but it’s fun to do and the quality will make it all worthwhile.

You can grow seasonal veg and even freeze it to make it last all year. Save some seeds for next year too.

Own Less Stuff

If you look around your home you will no doubt find a whole load of stuff that you don’t need and probably never really did. Learning to stop buying this stuff will do your wallet a great service and also reduce the demand for materials as well as saving the eventual landfill space.

If you only buy stuff you really do want or need you can afford to spend more on it, which means you get nicer stuff and your home is less cluttered.

Save Your Energy

Heating and electricity bills are probably one of your bigger monthly expenses right now, so wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash? There is so much that you can do to save energy; turn lights off, don’t leave stuff on standby, wash clothes at night etc…

All of these things make small differences which can really add up.

Renewable Fuels Rule

There are all sorts of ways to make electricity and lots of ways to heat a house too – some are green, some not so much. Depending on where you live, you can probably switch to green energy without costing you any more than you are already spending.

Consider getting a wood burning stove or fireplace that you can burn wood on – if you happen to live near some woods you can probably find enough fallen wood that you will rarely have to buy any – this can save you a ton on your heating.

If you shop around you can also find an electricity supplier who uses green energy sources; this is unlikely to save you money, but it needn’t cost you and it’ll make you feel warm inside too.

Doing Your Bit

So as you can see, sometimes being green is win-win – for your wallet and Mother Nature. It doesn’t have to be a chore; it can actually be a lot of fun.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
I am the creator/writer of and I'm an advocate for oceans, beaches, state parks. I enjoy all things outdoors (e.g. running, golf, gardening, hiking, etc.) I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!!). I'm also a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

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