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Video Conferencing Can Help Your Business Be Greener

Though companies exist to provide products and services to ease the lives of their customers, they often neglect the environmental implications of running a business. This can have detrimental effects on the environment, and promises to be problematic for future generations who will have to deal with the issues we are creating now. Luckily though, it’s not all doom and gloom. You can do things to help, however, and this article will detail a few.

As the concept of going ‘green’ becomes more popular, many businesses are looking for easy yet effective ways of doing so. A few obvious ways of going green are to introduce initiatives for taking public transport or cycling to work rather than driving, to use internal email instead of large amounts of printing, and to recycle where possible. There are other ways that may have gone unnoticed however, such as reducing the carbon footprint associated with traveling to business meetings around the country and/or world.

Through video conferencing, business meetings that would previously have required large amounts of travel can now be conducted with all parties comfortably in their own offices. The real time, face-to-face video stream is easy to use and versatile, the carbon footprint of your business is reduced, and above all, it can reduce travel costs for your company also.

If you look at a breakdown of the savings on travel costs, it shows just how easily the cost of setting up a video conferencing system can be offset. When you consider taxi / train / plane fares, hotel rooms, expenses for food and other personal needs, the total quickly begins to grow.

So, what is actually needed to use video conferencing? An internet connection is required, of course, but in this day and age most companies will be able to boast a high speed connection. A reliable electricity supply is also required, but aside from the very occasional power cut, this is rarely a problem. Once these two requisites are present, you can make calls with crisp, HD quality video and sound, to business partners all over the world.

The video footage captured during the conversation can also be saved and downloaded, making it easier to access the insights within, and preventing the need to print documents summarising the conversations. Hosting the video on a private video hosting website will give you and your employees access to the videos, thereby reducing the need to put it onto digital mediums such as CDs or DVDs, which, going back to the environmental angle, are not biodegradable.

The reasons for considering video conferencing are clear; why not incorporate it into your business operations and save yourself time, money, and the guilt of damaging the environment at the same time?

Clay Miller
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