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Building An Environment Friendly Office Is Fun!

The tag line of the decade has been: “Go Clean Go Green”.

In recent years many people have pledged to be more eco-friendly and take essential steps to make environment more pleasant for everybody around. Further to this, we have brought to you a list of energy-saving practices. The practices can be followed to build an office that will indeed be a ‘green’ place.

Step 1: Begin from the top – Get a ‘Green Roof’

This is one step that may have to be taken at the time of constructing an office. Nevertheless, you may be wondering (if you have never heard of this type of roof) what actually the ‘green roof’ is? It is a roof that is usually manufactured from real plants, grass to create insulation – it will help to ward off excessive heat in summers and retain heat inside in winters. Although, the roof may cost you little extra dollars, it will let you save on your electricity bills in long run. In fact, you could also invest in artificial plants (they are comparatively cheaper and do not need to be replaced) to cut down your cost of constructing this type of roof.

Step 2: Re-Use & Re-Cycle Program

By buying products made of recycled raw materials and getting the used products recycled you can make a point to go green in every area of the work place. Make sure of buying recycled furniture and providing employees with personalized mugs (disposable cups add to the waste otherwise). Ask your employees to discard used things (made of paper, plastic, glass or metal) in different baskets so that you could get them recycled. Also make a practice to get re-usable water bottles in lieu of plastic bottles.

Step 3: Go All Green Stuff

Get luscious plants in the office to absorb internal pollution and create a congenial atmosphere. Of course, to avoid all the hassles that come with real things, switch to artificial plant at the reception area or beside your desk. Invest in thermal blinds and curtains that keep balance in internal temperature by keeping heat inside during winters and blocking heat outside during summers.

Step 4: Conserve More & More

Whether it is electricity, paper, or water you need to be taking steps to conserve them. Install energy saving computers and try using power-management options in the OS you are using: set automatic-turn-off time or set on hibernate or sleep so that it turns off after a stretches of inactivity. Get energy-efficient light bulbs that may help you at saving on electricity the more: in fact, you could get automated lighting system that have timers, motion detectors and photosensors and thereby get switched on when needed and turns off when there is none in the office or room.

For saving on water: instead of buying real plants, trees, grass or flowers every now and then and watering them every morning and every evening, decorate office with artificial plants. Install a synthetic lawn that requires no watering, mowing and manuring (further preventing water or air pollution).

Reduce use of printer to save paper wastage – instead of distributing print outs to each employee send them e-mails or put announcements on notice boards at the reception or outside office canteen. Use old/ used papers’ extra space for printing small documents. Pass on or ask employees to share catalogs, newspapers, or magazines amongst themselves.

Step 5: Go Green Whilst Having Fun

Suggest your employees to go for carpool – all the employees who stay close to each other can drive in to office together. To get the whole office involved, organize fun events at office where they will be asked to share newest ideas to promote ‘Go Green’ slogan.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is an expert author who have been writing for topics like home improvement, environmental aid, home and garden and decorative items like silk flowers, artificial plants UK etc.

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