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Storage Heaters And Green Power

The storage heater has found a certain synergy with the newer green technologies that are coming into the energy market and there is a strong possibility that they will find a mutual advantage in putting into place joint central heating systems or even individual heater systems. The storage heater relies on being able to obtain cheap electrical power in order to recharge its heat sink or refractory block core. What the heaters are not too concerned with is exactly when that electrical power is available. Up to recently times the cheap power was only obtained via a white meter in the middle of the night when there is plenty of electricity being produced but no customers to use it.

However, today there are other energy sources that may well be able to supply energy at different times of the day and also possibly throughout the day and also those energy sources are green energy sources. The insertion of solar panels on the roofs and in the gardens of the standard house has given the customer access to a cheap supply of electricity, unfortunately the electricity is generated during the day when there are no lights required and heating usage is at a minimum, in this case the electricity is usually sent to the energy company for little or no recompense. The introduction of the Elnur storage heaters, however, allows the usage of this heat to top up the heat sink in the heater with “free energy”. If enough solar panels are introduced the heating system could almost become self-sufficient but in all cases there will be a significant cost reduction in energy bills.

The storage heater will also benefit from other green energy sources such as the small personal windmills that are now being produced. In this case the energy is generally being produced twenty four hours a day when the wind blows and the power can be used to heat the storage heaters during the low usage times during the day and overnight and used to power the lighting and equipment usages during the morning and evening high demand periods. As the systems become more sophisticated they could almost become self-sufficient and would be a particular boon in rural areas where windmills will be more acceptable to the population.

The good storage heater manufacturers and suppliers have the technology to deal with the controls required to install these systems and the units can be as sophisticated as the user requires. It is already possible to install a fully working system with links to a back-up energy supply such as the electrical mains or a generator.

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