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Go Green While Warming Up In Front Of A Fire

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There is nothing quite like sitting in front of a flickering fireplace on a cold winter evening. The dancing of the fire, the warmth it generates and the soothing energy it releases can turn a bad day into a good day. Individuals that are environmentally conscious understand standard wood burning fireplaces and fireplaces fueled with gas or electricity are simply not ecofriendly. There is a warm and ecofriendly solution – bio ethanol fireplaces. These fireplaces burn clean and are odor free while still creating the dancing flames that can put you into a relaxing trance while removing the stress from the day.

One of the benefits of the new bio ethanol fireplaces is that they come in a wide variety of designs and styles. There are models for tabletops, for the floor, and even to hang on the wall. They do not require outside venting, so old homes, new homes, and even apartments can be adorned with these ecofriendly fireplaces. Instead of operating on wood, electricity, or gas, they provide heat and ambience through the use of alcohol-based gels. Unlike gas, electric and wood burning fireplaces the air quality is not adversely effected when a bio ethanol fireplace is burning.


These modern fireplaces have been designed so they are easy to install and maintain, while looking great. Contemporary and more traditional styles are available to fit every style and budget. Many that are designed to hang on a wall, just like a piece of art, weigh less than 30 pounds. This makes them ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dens, or anywhere you want to add visual and physical warmth and drama by adding a wall fireplace. There are even models that are designed to appear to be traditional wood burning fireplaces with logs that are kissed by the flames; while other have a more contemporary feel with stone, glass and stainless steel.

As beautiful as wood burning fires are, the fact is they produce smoke that harms the air quality, both in the home, and outside. Of course, it also requires the destruction of trees and while trees are considered a renewable resource, they definitely do not regenerate as quickly as they burn. A mature tree can take decades to mature and in a fireplace, a log may only last an hour. While wood burning fireplaces are believed to be more environmentally friendly than gas or electric fireplaces, nothing is as ecofriendly as an ethanol gel fireplace.

Clay Miller
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