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Green and Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair

natural ways to lighten your hairIf you’re looking to give yourself a little bit more of a sunny disposition, there are a lot of ways to go about doing it. Adding a touch of sunshine to your hair is one of them, but you have your choice as to how you want to go about doing it. If you really want to, you can definitely make an appointment at your favorite hair salon, then pay some pretty good money to have a ton of rough chemicals applied to your scalp. Sure, everybody loves to look great — but is it really worth the cost of potentially destroying your hair with things like harsh chemicals? Plus, do you really want to be paying that much for something that you can actually do pretty easily and very affordably in the comfort of your own home? Not all hair colors can be changed around with completely natural ingredients, but if all you want to is lighten your hair color a little bit, you’re in luck.

Doing things like bleaching your hair isn’t really that great for you in the long run. You can actually wind up damaging your scalp, the treatment isn’t good for your hair itself, and over time the follicles on your head can negatively respond to repeated applications of the same treatment. You’ll be very relieved to find out that you can get almost the same effect by using some of the things you’ve probably already got lying around the house. What’s more is that you won’t have to risk damaging your beautiful hair in the process. If you want to making things a little more sunny on top of your head, you should try these easy solutions.


If you’re wanting to make your hair look a little more sunny, you might want to simply try spending some more time out in the sunlight. Especially if your hair is already a relatively light color, you’ll be able to lighten it even more when you spend a lot of time in the sun. This is an option that’s kind of only for people with light hair to begin with, though, and won’t really help you if you’re dealing with something like dark brown or black locks.


You might not have thought that this wonderful spice powder would be able to help lighten your hair, but it can, and by about two or three shades if you play your cards right. All you need to do is mix about three tablespoons of cinnamon with your favorite conditioner to make a sort of paste. Work it into your hair, and comb it through so you can make sure you get even application. If the cinnamon irritates your scalp, it will go away momentarily. Put on a plastic processing cap and see if you can sleep before removing the treatment for the best results. If you can’t do this, at least leave it in for four full hours.

Lemon Juice.

Probably the most tried and true of all the hair-lightening solutions, lemon juice is incredibly easy to use and will get you great results. All you have to do is mix some lemon juice and water before spraying it on your hair. Then just spend some time in the sun. If you can follow these instructions, amino acids in the lemon juice will work against the darker pigments in your hair, and help your locks start to look lighter in no time at all!

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