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Getting Into Green Plumbing

These days, turning to eco-friendly practices is no longer considered a fad but an enduring lifestyle choice. More and more, people are opening their eyes to various sustainable options, and are becoming more aware of greener ways to live. A lot of us are making efforts to become more environment-conscious in the choices that we make. The markets for different consumer goods are also expanding to provide greener choices to customers who are pursuing this lifestyle.

Green living does not only help save the environment, but also helps you save your own resources. At home, you might find a lot of recyclable or reusable goods that will spare you unnecessary expenses. You can try and expand this lifestyle by integrating green plumbing choices into your home, and at the same time lower your utility bills. Going green does not only mean saving the earth, but saving your money as well.


Green Plumbing Features

A simple change in a plumbing fixture will allow you to conserve water. A lot of people unknowingly consume so much water because their faucets do not give them enough option to regulate water supply. Fortunately, a lot of plumbing fixtures available in the market today has water-saving features. There are faucets that uses sensor to automatically turn on and off, while other faucets capitalize on water pressure to conserve the amount of water that is given off without sacrificing satisfaction.

It might seem like a huge expense at first, but replacing your plumbing fixtures with those that have environment-friendly features will allow you to have a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and healthier lifestyle. In a health stand point, if your fixtures still use brass as one of its main materials, you should consider getting new ones since these fixtures usually have lead content that compromises the quality of your water. You can also consider installing a dual pipe system. This system allows grey water recovery, which uses the waste water from your home, with the exception of those coming from the toilet, to be re-used for your lawn or garden.


Choosing Fixtures

When picking green plumbing fixtures, look for features that will allow you to use water only when it is required, and is capable of regulating the right amount of water needed. There are toilets with dual flushes which allow you to choose between a 3.5 gallons or 5 gallons of water per flush. There are also showerheads that have low-flow features, which only release around 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You can also consider replacing your dishwasher with a more modern model to help you save up to 10 gallons of water for each use. High-efficiency washing machines cut both energy and water consumption for every load of laundry. Replacing your heating system with a tank less water heater will also do the same thing, and you don’t have to store and heat water in a tank as well. Lastly, you can install aerators in your faucet to help reduce the amount of water you are supplied with without decreasing the water pressure from your faucets.


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