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Need a Reason to Get an Ethanol Fireplace? Here are a Couple of Them

ethanol fireplaceEthanol fireplaces are becoming more and more popular by the year, with more people discovering the great qualities that these alternatives to traditional fireplaces offer. If you are interested in fireplaces that use ethanol for fuel but would like to learn more about what makes them worth buying, you can read this piece as we have prepared a couple of the best reasons for which you should definitely give the ethanol fireplace a try.  That being said, let’s get started and look closer at what ethanol fireplaces can offer. For more eco-friendly option, you might want to consider bioethanol fire pit instead.

There’s no need to clean up anymore

One of the main reasons for which people love this kind of fireplace is because it eliminates all previous need of cleaning. With a traditional fireplace or heating source, you would be constantly forced to clean the soot, ash and smoke that forms in the aftermath of the burning fire. That’s never a pleasant job but you have to do it if you want your fire to burn properly the next time around.

With an ethanol fireplace that need goes away completely. Instead, you have a modern and more importantly clean solution which does not sacrifice any of its characteristic to provide a smokeless, ash free, zero soot heating source. For most people with a fireplace, that sounds amazing.

No hassle over the installation

It’s not just about running and managing a fireplace, but also about installing one. Mounting a traditional fireplace on a wall can be a very difficult task and can only be achieved at the end of a very long work period. With ethanol powered fireplaces you will find that you don’t need to sweat over the installation process.

You can either mount them on the wall or take your ethanol fire pit outside in the garden with you if that’s your choice. Depending on what model you buy, of course, you can take the comfort of a warm place wherever you decide to buckle down and read that book or listen to that new album.

The best part about this is that you don’t need to hire anyone to come install it for you. With the right model you can just take it in your hand and carry it around from room to room, depending on where you wish to stay. That’s a lot better than having to set an appointment and wait for some strangers to come into your home and work on your wall.

The heat is no joke

Some are inclined to believe that this sort of fireplace is weak in producing a serious fire or heat. That is not the case as the fire produced by the ethanol fireplace is more than potent. As for the heat source, it is able to produce enough heat for users to not notice that it’s not a traditional fireplace. If staying warm is your goal, an ethanol fireplace won’t stand in your way. It will actually help you achieve this goal and it will do so with rather ease.

Just to be clear, these are real flames that the ethanol fireplace produces. They aren’t a cheap trick or a gimmick. They are as real as any other fire so you might want to hold off on putting your hand inside it to test things for yourself.

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