8 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Garden

Having a beautiful garden is the dream for many of them, but it’s essential that you spend some time to take care of it so that you can keep your garden attractive, impressive and pleasant. The various design combination, colors, flavors, fragrance, sounds from insect and birds in garden gets attracted to the different type of plants and textures.

To provide a different look to your garden, one of the best ideas is to go for a drive and examine your neighborhood garden and check out what type of techniques and exciting things they follow to showcase their garden uniquely.

Sometime simple concepts will give a surprising difference to your overall garden appearance, the micro garden is the present trend, and most of the gardeners adapt to this principle at their backyard for a visually beautiful look.

You need to make use of some gardening equipment like a lawnmower, push lawn sweeper, yard sweeper, etc. to clean the fallen leaves, debris, pine needles and other particles on your garden for the cleaner look.

Tips for making your garden beautiful within a Small Space

Here are some of the tips you can follow at your garden to provide an attractive appearance to your garden even within a limited space.

Adding Flowering Plants

Color splashes around your different area of the garden in various contrast, focal points, and varieties will give an attractive look to your garden. It means you need not plant only different color flowers; you can also go with a vast range of vegetables, herbs, chives, dill, spring onions, basils, rosemary, rocket and much more fruits, etc. Some insects get attracted to this micro-gardening, and therefore they itself cleans the pests for you.


The important thing you need to get rid of your garden is to control the weeds, remove the compost plants from your garden. Make use of pot or container to keep different varieties of plants and flowers; this also adds the beauty and even deter the weeds from your garden.

Grouping Plants

Make sure you have the same set of plants as a group for the significant impact, make use of themes in your garden and group plants as per the idea and set up based on the color and other items. Make sure the flowers you selected matched the theme and color or you can adapt some other plants for the better look. Try many designs so that you can go with the one design that satisfies you more.

Another simple technique is to add plants at the edge of the container or garden bed so that this will highlight the structure and shape of the container along with plants and therefore provides a unique look to your garden. Prefer to go with grey, white, blue, silver, etc. as they work well when they are teamed up.

Adding Art to Your Garden

Garden art can be based on your personality or character; it needs to be perfect and work well within the small space you have. The plan as per space and art you are going to try out, check whether it indeed provides the different astonishing look to your garden. In case of the bare wall, you need to hide them by adding some paint or any art over the bare walls.

Add some portable decorating walls to your garden, and this will provide an excellent outdoor garden at a lower cost.

Multi-functional Edible Flowers & Herbs

Making use of different varieties of edible flowers and herbs on the borders, for the kitchen and garden will provide an excellent fragrance all around. Go with herbs like clumps of chives, curly-leafed parsley, lemon thyme, marigolds, tatsoi, violets, etc. for the pleasant scent. Apart from the color variation, they also give you the beauty, structure and sweet aroma of the garden.

Choose the Right Feature to Your Garden

Adding the proper features means choosing the statue, outdoor furniture, plant or any piece of art to your garden, you can make your yard feel special as per your preference and you can highlight it with proper accessories so that your garden will provide a attractive appearance to the visitors.

Focus Plants

While considering selecting a focus plants namely a citrus tree which is productive can be placed in a pot at the centre of your veranda or balcony. The place where you have put these plants should catch your visitor eye immediately looking over them, you can choose different color pots and add some colorful groundcover or annuals to the tree base, make sure you are positioning the plants on the pot’s either side in a lowered position so that everyone’s eye reached the plant immediately while entering in.

Outdoor Art

Art can be in any forms and can be done with different materials, you can also make use of the pots, furniture, tables and much more to add the frames, collections and other accessories so that your art will look more attractive.

Edible Art

Being imaginative and add a little bit creativity is important in the case of the edible art, choose containers that can produce high productivity so that this will highlight it uniquely. Select different colors and textures so that they will provide a striking combination to your edible art.


Chairs, tables and different furniture will make more graze to your garden appearance, selecting the right outdoor furniture based on your garden lifestyle will be the wise choice. Choosing table along with a neat and lively arrangement will provide a real draw card to your visitor’s eye. Adding fragrant herbs and flowers will add more engagement.

Neglect Clutter

Avoiding clutter in a small space can be really challenging, overcrowding will provide you a negative feel and also maintaining the plants and accessories within a rough space becomes more difficult. Balance your surfaces based on the plants you have chosen, in the case of smaller spaces neglect selecting different materials and consider to grow plants indoors too. You can also make use of vertical gardening in containers, walls, hanging baskets, railings etc in case of smaller spaces.

Select Variegated Foliage

Including variegated foliage to your garden would be the best choice in case of reduced sunlight as you will not have the options for growing flowering plants; in this case you can add structure and colors by selecting proper plants. Choosing variegated foliage means you will be able to have one color on the inner part and second color around the foliage edge.

Go with ornamental varieties like Mandevilla Rhoeo, Cordylines, Sanseveria, Dracaenas etc and choose some striking varieties in your indoors so that you can add beauty and air quality around the room gets improved.

Bottom Line

Following these above simple gardening tips will provide a beautiful, clean, attractive and breathtaking appearance to your garden. Micro-gardening is ruling everywhere and has become a trend at present; make sure you are selecting right plants and other accessories as per your garden type to provide a unique look to your garden.


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