Top 5 Ecology Books

If you are an ecology graduate student, you appreciate the importance of extensive research in your program. You have to go further than your classroom texts to understand complex concepts and write quality research papers.  While your professor will recommend some texts, you can go further and find more ecology books from the best book writing service. This article explores some of the best ecology books every college student of ecology should rad. They are also suitable for anyone interested in nature. Keep reading.

  1. Fundamentals of Ecology

First published in 1953, this is a classic text in ecology by Eugene P. Odum and Gary W. Barrett. Students will find it as part of the class texts or among the recommended reads.  It is a book which Odum used to teach ecological science and explain ecosystems in ecology.  It remains a popular book in ecology due to its classic holistic approach to ecosystem science.

Students will find new chapters on landscape ecology, regional ecology, global ecology and Statistical Thinking for Students of Ecology. Odum’s book brings clarity and specificity to 21st Century study of the subject.

  1. Elements of Ecology

The authors of one of the most significant books in ecology are Robert L. Smith, Thomas M. Smith, Graham C. Hickman, Susan M. Hickman. These are among the most experienced experts in this science and they have endeavoured through different publications to ecological processes clearly and concisely. Students will learn, practice, and develop quantitative and analytical skills using this book.

  1. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

The New Yorker first serialized this book in June of 1962. Since then, Carson’s book has become one of the essential reads by anyone interested in the environment and the impact of chemicals on the environment.  The publication of Silent Spring in September the same year led to an uproar across the country leading to banning of DDT.

It was the first book to lead to action in protecting the air, land, and water. It was a wakeup call to the global players responsible for decision making and to date, the book’s impact on environmental conservation remains powerful. Students will learn how corporates ignore laws and consequently ruin the ecosystem.

  1. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

This is a book that will interest anyone who has an interest in what happens around them. The book by Elizabeth Kolbert is a startling read as it recounts what happened before the previous Five mass extinctions over half a billion years.

ecology book
The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

Kolbert goes on to assess signs of the sixth extinction which is the biggest after the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. The idea is that humans are the cause of the sixth extinction. This book helps readers understand the importance of taking care of nature.

  1. The Economy of Nature

This book by W H Freeman is a popular read in ecology and environment classes in colleges. The latest publication now features integrated media, downloadable materials and more invaluable resources for students of ecology.

These books are a great entry point in your ecology graduate program. You can also find other books and ecology resources from a reliable ewriting service.

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