5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Protect Your Home From Flooding

A flood can cost lives and properties – that is undeniable. In places that are prone to such disaster, thousands of families and communities were affected. There are various services that are implemented in preventing further issues such as water damage houston and other flood control programs. Houston is one of the areas that can be at risk of raging waters but thanks to the innovating technologies and tools which are now available to protect the area. You too can add simple yet effective methods to protect your home from flooding.

Is there any way to protect your home from flooding?

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” The same goes for floods and other water damages. You can protect your home with effective measures.

Here are some of the most popular and eco-friendly flood control tips:

# 1 Rooftop Grasses and Plants

This is a smart and environment-friendly method to keep water levels down. So, how it is done? In this method, living grasses and plants are planted on the roof. The bed of the plants serve as amazing insulation to prevent runoff towards the street. It also adds a scenic view of your home.

#2 Wetlands

 Nature provides a way of holding water in some areas such as sales, fens, swamps, and other forms of wetlands. That’s why these areas should not be drained. They must stay as is to serve as a ‘container’ during heavy rains.

#3 Permeable Concrete

One of the biggest reasons that water levels get high is because paved areas prevent water from soaking into the ground evenly. Water on paved roads and sidewalks will gain speed, which means it has more power to erode areas when it does reach grass or dirt. Choosing specially-designed concrete that will allow water to soak in or concrete blocks with holes in them to allow grass to grow and use some of the water will help mitigate high water in paved areas.

#4 Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are usually put in lower parts of the property which are receiving more water than average. They are depressions in the ground which hold native plants to aid in absorbing rainwater and also gives aesthetic effect in the landscape. Simply stated, rain gardens are part of an area that is designed to hold extra water. Thus, they are perfect to be present in places that are at high risk of flooding. They are often made of gravel and you can put beautiful plantings. That’s why rain gardens are perfect in absorbing rainfall, filtering rainwater, and making the surroundings beautiful.

#5 Tree Planting

This may sound an old technique but this really works. As we all know, trees are effective in pulling extra water from the ground. That’s the reason as well why shrubs and groundcovers must be left growing under the trees because they can also help in holding water, especially during heavy rainfall. Plants and trees are known to be the most effective ways of protecting your home from flooding. That’s undeniably eco-friendly, too!

Nowadays there are various innovations when it comes to building houses and making them safe especially during floods. There are already communities which allow the natural process of wetlands when it comes to filtering fresh water, irrigation, and fertilizing. All promising breakthroughs on how to prevent damage due to flood must be given attention, but of course, it will be best if they will be all environment-friendly.

Floods can be managed depending on the landscape where your home is located. With all the above mentioned eco-friendly tips to protect your home from flooding, you will not need to worry on possible high-water damage.

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