Eco-Friendly Home Heating

Eco-friendly heating? Is that even possible?

Almost all of us are subject to the winter’s cold. Moreover, this also implies high heating costs that are mainly caused by common heating solutions. On the other hand, these solutions work against the environment as well. In short, not only do we rely on ways that cost more but on ways that affect the world we live in as well. It is well known that traditional heating methods use a wide variety of fossil fuels – oil, coal, and natural gas. These, in turn, contribute to global warming and affect the natural world. 

Speaking of natural, this is exactly what we want to present you with today – eco-friendly and natural alternatives to heating your home! It goes without saying that these may decrease your monthly heating costs, while having no impact on the surrounding environment.

Thermal Shades

This alternative doesn’t require any extra work or installation costs. You simply add thermal shades to the windows in your home.

They will block the sun during summer – thus keeping your home cool – and retain heat in winter. In the end, you’ll pay less on your heating bill and you will use the AC less as well. 

Insulation Upgrade

It has been shown that proper insulation can help prevent heat from escaping through windows, walls, ducts, and doors. 

Moreover, statistics show that your home’s energy draw can be improved by as much as up to 30% if you decide to add proper insulation to it!

Heat Pumps

This alternative is usually referred to as a reverse refrigerator. Heat pumps basically take heat from the water, air, or ground, and then – via an electric pump – boost it to the set temperature and keep your home warm. They can be used for heating water as well.

If the heat pump system is properly set up, you can expect each unit of electricity to provide up to three units of heat. Keep in mind that heat pumps are recommended for homes that are well-insulated so that they work at full efficiency.

Masonry Heating

Quite similar to a pellet stove, a masonry heater is basically a smaller compact heating solution – plus, it comes with the look of a traditional fireplace. What makes them so efficient is the fact that they trap heat within the smoke chambers’ bricks, and are able to provide heat up to 24 hours.

Even though it burns wood, a masonry heater produces significantly less pollution because it burns slower and doesn’t need too many supplies. 

Electric Boilers

We’ve been using boilers for a very long time now. The only issue is that most people prefer gas or wood boilers, which are not the best option when it comes to an eco-friendly house, for example.

This is why you should choose an electric boiler for your home to reduce service costs, which can run up to £132 per service. It not only keeps your house warm but it can also heat your water without any issues. On top of that, you’ll have a steady supply of warm water as well. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, being eco-friendly and properly heating your home at the same time isn’t impossible! You just have to know where to look and, most importantly, ditch all the fossil fuel-based appliances. 

Even though the upfront cost of some of the alternatives mentioned above is usually higher than usual, you can expect all of them to pay back for themselves in a couple of years. After all, they save the planet as well as money!

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