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6 Benefits of Electric Cars

Since the introduction of electric cars, the motor industry has made great technological strides in advancing them. With the technological advancements and environmentally-friend attitude, electric cars have become increasingly popular. However, most potential car owners are hesitant to acquire them, mainly due to the misconceptions that these cars still have the same issues they had when they first hit the market.

Some companies are focusing on producing cars that use only electricity, but others provide hybrid cars that can be both electric and gas-powered. Although an electric car is a considerably new concept that might take time before society embraces it, many brands have already introduced cars that rely on this model. Some of the common electric cars already in the market include Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, or Ford Focus Electric.

It’s also worth noting that the vast majority of the components found in an electric vehicle such as tyres, suspension, lights, sensors, safety equipment and interior tech have already stood the test of time as many of these can found in regular combustion engine vehicles. 

Why Choose Electric Cars Over Gas-Powered Cars?

Electric cars contribute in a great way in maintaining a stable and healthy environment, unlike gas-powered cars that emit a lot of carbon compounds. This is just one benefit, however. We’ll go over six other benefits of electric cars in this article. Just keep reading to learn more about these benefits.

1. No Gas Expenses When Using Electric Cars

Electric cars help you save the money that you would use on frequently refilling the vehicle since no gas is required. Choosing fuel-based cars can dig a hole in your pockets, especially with the fluctuating fuel prices.

While you will have to pay for electricity to charge your vehicle and potentially installation fees for a charging station in your home, you’ll still save a significant amount of money. Once more people begin to convert to electric vehicles, more charging options should become available accompanied with cheaper prices.

2. Electric Cars Are Cheaper to Maintain

The automotive experts at CarVeto say that the other benefit of acquiring an electric car is that it’s cheaper to maintain compared to combustion engine vehicles. Electric cars have lesser moving parts, which means less wear and tear and low maintenance costs. Besides, with electric cars, there is little servicing as there are no radiators, expensive exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, and starter motors.

However, it is also good to mention that electric car batteries also wear out, but the average battery is meant to last around 200,000 miles. Another thing to mention is that while the car may be cheaper to maintain, your car insurance rates may be higher with an electric vehicle.

3. Better safety Improvements When Using Electric Cars

Studies have shown that electric cars come with several features that help improve safety. First, these cars have a lower center of gravity, which means that they are less likely to roll over. Electric cars also have a lower risk of explosions or major fires. Lastly, electric cars feature a great body construction that enhances their durability and also makes them safer in case of a collision.

4. Electric Cars Are Ideal for the Environment

Electric cars are better for the environment when compared to gas-powered cars as they cause less air pollution. These cars can entirely rely on renewable sources of energy like solar PV systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Most electric manufacturers tend to focus on eco-friendly materials and production. For instance, Nissan Leaf comes with an interior that is partly made of green materials like recycled old car parts, water bottles, second-hand home appliances, and plastic bags. On the other hand, Ford Focus Electric features bio-based material s padding and is also made of recycled materials.

5. Less Noise Pollution As Compared to Conventional Cars

Usually, electric cars are practically very quiet as compared to gas-powered cars. If you live cross to a busy road, then you understand how noisy gas-powered cars can be. With an electric vehicle, you won’t make as much noise.

6. Enables you to Get Tax Credits

In most countries, the original owners of electric cars are awarded tax credits for their contribution to reducing the effect of pollution on the environment by driving eco-friendly vehicles.

Electric cars offer several benefits as compared to conventional cars. We have discussed some of the key benefits of zero-emission cars, but there are still other advantages and reasons why you should consider them. Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain than gas-powered cars as they have lesser moving parts. Besides, they also do not include parts that are costly to maintain, such as gas engines, radiators, and exhaust system.

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