Tips to choose a smart bracelet according to its purpose

Everyone is familiar with smart bracelets. It is an electronic technology product. Smart bracelet has received approval when it came out. It contains many practical and intelligent functions. These make people’s lives smarter and more convenient. There are many types of smart bracelets on the market today. So how can consumers choose? You should make choice based on the functions.

Choose a smart bracelet based on the scenario. Many smart bracelets on the market have one style of dial. They do not have any freshness when worn for a long time. The HONOR Clock Face Store technology is a useful tool. HUAWEI HONOR Band 5 provides users with a variety of dial styles. Users can switch between different dials in any situation. Different dials will bring different moods.


Choose a smart bracelet according to your daily preferences. Smart bracelets provide information and monitor the user’s body. The HONOR Band 5 provides the necessary heart rate, stride, speed and distance. Time, calories aerobic/anaerobic exercise are available.  It provides fitness enthusiasts with fitness advice and in-depth fitness plan. It can be a trainer for swimmers. The HUAWEI HONOR Band 5 smart has an inner six-axis sensor. It can identify swimmers’ stance and provide effective data analysis based on their trajectory. That can provide a more standardized standard for exercise.


Choose a smart bracelet based on convenience. Smart bracelets are about being smart. The HUAWEI HONOR Band 5 can not only act as a monitor of people’s bodies, but as our sleep master. HUAWEI’s TruSleep technology enables the HONOR Band 5 to recognize the habits of sleepers. It provides more than 200 personalized assessment recommendations. Real-time analysis to improve sleep quality. And it can become an access card for your home, with the ability to take photos, find your phone’s location and preview your phone’s messages and alerts. With up to 14 days of standby time on a single charge, it’s even easier to use. Such smart bracelets are the reason why people choose them based on the convenience of their lives.

When it comes to choosing a smart bracelet, different bracelets are chosen for different purposes. The HONOR Band 5, produced by HUAWEI, has been favored by countless consumers since its launch. The HONOR Band 5 will be upgraded to the HUAWEI Band 5 Pro. It is certain to bring more convenience and smarter life to the public.

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