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Apr 20

Environmental Health Risks: Top Tips for Dealing With Asbestos in Your Home

You’ve spent months, even years, researching all the latest green tech and painstakingly renovating your home so that it’s as eco-friendly as possible. And you didn’t stop there. You’ve bullied your entire family into following the waste recycling system you’ve set up, you shop organically and never use harmful cleaning products (no matter how much …

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Mar 10

Infographic: How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The ocean is the most beautiful, abundant and diverse ecosystem on the planet, however every day it is being attacked from natural and manmade pollution. Every year over 8 million tons of plastic is being dumped into the ocean causing untold damage to marine life, plants and habitats. Did you know that is takes roughly …

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Oct 17

Things to Look For When Shopping for a Green Home

In the market for a new home? Want to keep your utilities down and help the environment? Look no further! We all know that green is the way to go if you have both the Earth and your pocketbook in mind. However it can be hard to understand what is behind all the gimmicks and …

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Feb 11

Buying Real Estate: Environmental Considerations You Must Understand

There are many aspects to resolve and check before you agree to conclude any real estate deal and one area that needs your very close attention, and also due diligence from your property lawyer, is the subject of any environment issues relating to the land or building you are looking to purchase. Always ask the …

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Sep 05

Top 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Most proponents of environmental sustainability have spent copious amounts of time reading about air pollution, and worrying about the long-term impact on our atmosphere and the health of whole populations. But many people forget that the smog you see floating low over cities isn’t completely relegated to the outdoors. In fact, due to recycled air …

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