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Mar 16

Family Eco-Friendly Tips

Respecting the environment is key in today’s world. There are many simple things you and your family can do that will make a big difference. Start by being a role model. In their own day-to-day activities, encourage kids to find ways to limit waste,  Then it will be easy to get your family on board. …

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Apr 17

3 Cool Furniture Ideas Made Out of Recycled Books

recycled books

Book lovers everywhere would like to get more life out of their old books. It hurts us to throw any book away, no matter what kind it is or how out of date. That is why I love projects that recycle old books into something new and useful. Here are three great and easy projects …

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Jan 07

Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books

The environment is a very big concern these days. The last several years have given us a ton of exciting developments in terms of technology and such, but this has all come at a pretty big cost to the environment. All the wonderful things we’re able to do with our computers and smartphones are great, …

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Feb 29

Recommended Books for Living Greener

It used to be that “being green” was a state of existence reserved for hard-core environmentalists and a certain pop-collared, banjo-playing Muppet. Now, as the movement gains steam and more people realize it doesn’t have to be hard to make green choices, living life in partnership with the planet is becoming more popular. The United …

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Nov 14

Guest Post: 7 Things You Should Reuse or Recycle

The way we live these days is making it difficult for the environment to be healthy and in the longer term it’s going to impact our ability to survive. We have become strange creatures, who buy more than we need, don’t even get the full use out of our products, and then throw them away …

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Mar 15

Eating Local Made Easy: Books and Recipes

We’ve already discussed the benefits of eating local in the Go Green with Your Diet guest post. Still, even I find myself a little overwhelmed whenever I go to the farmers’ market with reusable bag in hand. To this day, I’ve never cooked with rhubarb nor with fresh artichokes. I don’t think I like radishes …

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Feb 01

Another Eco-Friendly Reusable Resource: Public Libraries


I don’t know about you, but I love to read. Whether it is novels, newspapers or magazines I love to learn and be entertained. Years ago I got into the bad habit of buying every book I wanted to read. Well once my bookshelf got full and my other bookshelf got full I slapped myself with …

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Aug 04

Half Price Books: One of EPA’s Top 20 Green Power Retailers

half price books

I recently went to my local Half Price Books and sold some of my old books and bought a couple of recent novels for half price.  I was new to the store and wasn’t informed on the eco-friendliness of the store.  For instance, Half Price Books was named in the EPA’s Top 20 Green Power …

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