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Dec 02

Infographic: GreenHab the Office

Did you know that a toner cartridge for your office printer could take roughly 1,000 years to decompose?  Recycling 100,000 toner cartridges saves 9,599 kilograms of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic and 1,000,000 liters of soil. Toner cartridges are just one item that you can start recycling today. Take some time to look around your …

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Jul 21

Precycling 101: Proactive Recycling

Precycling is the process of thinking things through before buying something. Before buying a product ask yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Will it go off to a landfill, am I going to recycle it, will I be able to reuse it somehow or am I going to donate it …

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May 15

How to Store Food in an Eco-Friendly Way

One of the biggest problems with the way that we buy and sell food these days is the sheer amount of wasted packaging that we have to use and throw away. All too often, you buy something like a box of cookies, and open it up to find 10 cookies inside, each one packaged individually, …

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Sep 18

Green Shopping Tips and Tricks

One of the main reasons why “going green” is such a good idea is because it teaches us to be more responsible with our resources. So, wouldn’t it make perfect sense that we should learn how to not just recycle and conserve energy, but also do all that we can to make wise decisions when …

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