How to Make Your Own Healthy & Organic Baby Food

You want your child to grow up healthy and strong, and much of that comes down to a balanced, nutritious diet. It all starts when they are infants, and as soon as they are ready for baby food, it’s up to you to make sure they get the best quality possible. We now know that not every food is the same, and organic foods all have a much higher nutrition content than their traditional counterparts. Your baby doesn’t need a massive variety, but they do need high quality ingredients, and you can see that they get the best of the best by making your own baby food. It’s a fairly simple process, and you’ll be rewarded by their happy smiles, and the fewer food and allergy issues they’ll have. Here is a quick look at how to make your own healthy and organic baby food.

First off, you’ll need to get your cooking supplies together. The top need will be a solid blender or food processor. They do make ones specifically for baby food, but really any high-quality device will work. Other cooking supplies will be a pot, ideally stainless steel, which you’ll use for cooking all the vegetables and meats, and an ice cube tray. You’ll freeze the servings of baby food in the cube tray, and then pop them into air-tight containers for storage. On the food side, you’ll want a mix of organic meats, grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and liquids such as baby formula, breastmilk or spring water.

If you’re wondering what foods to focus on, remember to keep it simple. For vegetables, you’ll do well with green beans, carrots, green peas, squash, potatoes or sweet potatoes, corn and spinach. When it comes to fruits, stick with peaches, apples, bananas, apricots, melons, pears, prunes and plums. Good protein options are beef, chicken or turkey, all without the skin and all organic and free range, as well as cooked egg yolk, beans and lentils. On the grain side, pick up oatmeal, millet, rice, buckwheat, amaranth and rye.

Now that you’ve got the ingredients together, it’s time to get to work. Wash all of the fruits and vegetables, and peel whatever needs to be peeled. You should also rinse all your beans and grains, and pull the skin and fat from the meat options. Cook all of the foods in just a little bit of water, until they’re soft and tender, and make sure the meats aren’t pink at all. You won’t need to add seasonings or sweeteners; your baby will love it as it is.

Find yourself some recipes, or experiment with various vegetable, meat, grain and fruit combinations. Place a helping of each choice into your blender or food processor, and top it with some liquid. Puree it until it’s smooth. If your baby is just getting started on real food the consistency should be super thin. As they get older, you can leave it more chunky. Once you’ve got the right consistency, spoon it out and feed it to your baby fresh.

Whatever he doesn’t want to eat you’ll go ahead and freeze in the ice cube tray. It should stay good for about a month from when you make it. Remember, keep the recipes simple (no Shahiya recipes for the newborn), and feel out what your baby loves. Together you’ll find something that makes him happy, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it’s all healthy and organic.

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