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Eat Green: For Healthy Planet and Healthy You!

There is definitely no pill way to shed extra pounds or to change your eating habits. It is just the matter of eating healthy, avoiding crash diets and limiting the food intake without giving up on the essential food elements. Of course working out to the last drop of your sweat can make you lean without any doubts but even exercise makes no difference if you continue to eat like animals. You are not going to lose any weight.

You might have read in various health magazines that to lose weight there is a need to burn more calories than you take in, and this is so true. But sadly this theory is not much in practice. Quite a few of us tend to follow the non diet approach, which just shrinks the body leading to major health issues especially to women. Hard work is not our thing these days and we always try to find the easiest way for everything. Well, we understand your business and potato couch habits, and have something easy for you to shed extra ponds. The Green Diet is the new approach for weight loss, along with toning our bodies it has least effects on environment as well. So, going green is no longer just a color.

Eat green

Eating green means eating wisely by consuming foods that are healthy for the planet and for you. Taking in high levels of organic vegetables, green leaves, beans and fruits can help you lose weight because of having low calories and high nutrient levels. The Green thing that is lately heating up the market is Green smoothies diet. This is foods and vegetables together to make extract juice out of them. This is an alternate way of eating vegetables which otherwise you would never even look at. It’s a great way of consume greens for those who don’t like salads and boiled vegetables.

Another way of going green with foods is eating organic products. Recognizing an organic product should not be a intricate task by now, because thousands of ways are available to do this. To recognize organic products you can read the label which says that the product contains 95 percent of organically processed ingredients. All such labels have USDA label on them which claims to be completely harmless to environment and health. All such green actions will help the planet and your fitness level as well.

Why only green vegetables and fruits are recommended?

Green vegetables, salads and fruits fight food cravings and lower the LDL cholesterol levels. These work almost like Adipotrol, which is a good hunger suppressor especially when you are habitual to overeating. It is scientifically tested that absolute best vegetables that speeds up weight loss are- Spinach, Sprouts, cabbage, Green leafs, tomato juice, and green pepper. These foods are higher in volume and thus fill you up with very few calories. Spending crazy amount of money on processed foods will not do any benefits to your health but doing the same for organic foods makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. This eco-consciousness makes you and your environment healthy.

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