How to Dispose Garbage in an Eco-friendly Manner

Garbage Disposal Eco

Garbage disposal is often seen as a process of getting rid of the unusable or dirty item in your household or commercial spaces. But it is not that simple to get rid of it as if it doesn’t be properly disposed it will come back to haunt you in the form of affecting the environment in a harmful way. Garbage disposal is taken very lightly with the poisonous and hazardous materials lying around openly without any treatment for other elements in the food and the air cycle to come in contact with it. There has to be a good amount of awareness amongst people and even with educated class of the people as they tend to get rid of the garbage easily and not care about its right method of disposal.

Disposing the garbage

Your garbage contains different types of products that need to be disposed of differently. For example the metal pieces of iron, copper etc. The recycle-able materials such as paper, plastic, aluminum, the decomposable materials that can be used to make fertilizers like manure and many more ones like these. The garbage need to be treated as a potential bomb with the flexibility of the variety of materials you may find in it which may cause threat to the environment in a number of ways. It will spoil the state of that area and will increase the chances of the diseases to thrive in such a situation.

Just like you wouldn’t like garbage to stay at your place for an extra day, you must not take the negligence of any department or authority for it to get cleaned from your building or area as soon as possible. The insects, mosquitoes, and the local animals come in contact with this disposed garbage lying around unattended very easily and act as a medium to promote the diseases that can prove to be detrimental to the health of the society according to research conducted by Wellness Geeky. A rag picker is also a human and so is the garbage person who asks you to put your garbage out in a responsible manner for them to dispose them responsibly and easily. But your negligence at doing this has been there since years which has affected the environment to an extent making it come back to haunt you. You must not cringe at the garbage lying around on the road but must do the necessary to make it reach its right place for disposal.

Methods of eco friendly garbage disposal

People must have segregation of dry and wet garbage at their houses for it to be easier for the people picking up the garbage to put it to different uses ahead. The recycling materials should be kept in such a state for them to be easily identified by the concerned people. If possible you must yourself send it to the recycling and separate your garbage in such a manner that it is just the responsibility of the garbage pickers to dispose the garbage ultimately. People are holding up campaigns to alert the citizens in various parts of the country for them to follow these steps so that the hazardous materials in the garbage do not lie around not being treated effectively for their correct disposal. If you do not follow such steps then you do not have a right to crib at the foul smell that irritates you or any sort of unattended waste or garbage that you come across. As it is one of us that seems to be not doing the necessary for it to be coming to us in some or the other manner. The junk food stuffs that are canned, bottled, cartooned and sold off are enough to create a sizeable amount of garbage that we throw away very casually while out of our house. That is also a form of garbage that needs to be thrown in bins responsibly and it is not that you must just consider the house to be clean and not your city.

There must be good amount of regulated discussion with the dumping and civic authorities who are involved in this process to get to know their methods of disposal. The garbage that is re-useable must not lie around in the dump like in the cases of cans, bottles, paper, plastic etc. this will happen only if you stop throwing it negligently all around. These bodies must take proper steps to promote decomposition, processing of decomposable garbage, recycling and disposal of waste in adequate proportions and places. All these steps by the authorities of the city municipals will ensure that the garbage that you are sending off from your place is being disposed appropriately. An eco-friendly manner of garbage disposal is that which does not contaminate the state of the surrounding environment with the existence of the garbage at a place. There are many other methods of garbage disposal such as those promoted by detoxification, burning, and burying of the waste that creates space as well as treats it rightly for it to be present on the ground.

Your responsibility starts the moment you gather garbage and doesn’t end there as you have to take care if it is due disposal to be conducted in an environment friendly manner. Get to know such methods and start implementing them on a large level from the whole society to adopt it and benefit from it as no one likes garbage to be around and affect their well-being.

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