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Unpredictable Gas Hikes, Electronic Cars Must Be the Solution

Oil Rig - gas hikesThe world; beautiful, majestic, astonishing and awe-inspiring… is running out of fossil fuels! To state it bluntly, we have used up most of our petrol! We all thought that the Middle East, with its vast and seemingly infinite volume of oil reserves, would never run dry of petrol. Nature has proven us wrong… AGAIN! Pitiful humans we are! So what do we do now? What is the next step for us? How will the future be powered without fuel? More importantly, what will become of our gas gurgling automobiles?! Is the world ready to get rid of good old fashioned petrol pumping machines?

Let’s find out!

We’ve all been prey to the incremental increases in fuel prices. It almost seems as if everyday oil companies all over the world try to break our bank accounts with increasing gas prices. Every time I go to the gas station for refueling, I get the feeling that the money we “normal” chaps (meaning no political figure included, we pay for their gas too anyway, you know – taxes) pay for in return for the amount of gas we get served, just doesn’t feel like fair trade at all! Well, not anymore anyway!

So what is the reason behind this spike in gasoline price rates? In economical terminologies this is called inflation. Inflation may occur when a commodity or good is low on supply. This is probably the most easy and uncontroversial answer as to why the increase of gasoline rates. Now, is it ever going to stop and might it already be time to switch to a different form of energy, renewable perhaps? I would say, yes and yes please!

For the last ten years fuel efficiency has been the key to selling cars. Sure, most buyers, especially car freaks like me, will ogle at sports cars exhibited at showrooms. We drool and viciously day dream of riding out the dealership behind hot flamboyant wheels, at which end we huff and sigh dejectedly convincing ourselves that it just isn’t practical anyway -too much gas! Not to mention the towering tag price attached to the fender, ha-ha! Reality bites, ouch! Occasionally though, a billionaire passes by and decides to rid the showroom of that red Bugatti. But we’re not all billionaires are we? Sucks to be us, oh you know it does!

So… what about those cute, environmental friendly, tree hugging electric powered machines? You mean electric cars? Well they’ve actually already been introduced to the market = but yet to actually make ground anywhere. Question is, will it, ever? The answer to which, I believe, is a resounding YES. The electric car is definitely the future! Even if, at the rate it’s going now, a couple more decades would breeze by before these swanky eco electrics overtake petrols.

As we all can guess, the reason behind the slow domination (laugh out loud) of electric vehicles are the limitations! Certain limitations deter potential buyers from owning one. Battery life, the distance travelled per full charge and charging station availability, these are only some of the many problematic elements of the electric vehicle. Reliability, safety and travel quality are also some consumer-based “questionables” that have yet to have solid and factual answers. When technology has lived up to satisfy consumers standards and factual information pertaining to performance capabilities of the electric vehicle are proven, only then will enthusiasts and bourgeois welcome this new form of personal transportation.

One day the inevitable will happen and gas will be a scarce commodity. Would the electric powered buggies be ready for us when the time comes? The big question here folks, is not IF, but WHEN.

Yes, It will happen!


Author bio:
+Stacia Littlefield is a freelance fashion stylist who has the heart to help people boost their confidence through better taste in clothing. From time to time she also buys and sells luxury cars. She has been in the car dealership industry for almost 3 years. As a car enthusiast, writing reviews about them has become her passion and favorite past time.

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