Sustainable Travel – Try a Solar Powered Travel Trailer

solar powered travel trailerWhat is it about a travel trailer that makes it attractive to so many people? How else can you soak in the nation’s best sights while enjoying the comforts of home on a budget? Let’s be honest, flying sucks. I mean, it’s not what it used to be. Waiting in long TSA lines, taking your shoes off, having to pay travel with luggage, expensive airplane food–need I go on? It’s tiring, and you just feel as if you’re at the mercy of the airlines and airports.

Unless you’re wealthy enough to charter a plane, you must go through the dreary event just like the rest of us. Even with a TSA pre-check, it’s still not as fun as it might have been in the 60s-early 90s. Now you feel like a sardine in a can with other sardines, everyone tired and agitated–just dying to get off the plane. Waiting for your baggage on the carousel isn’t very enjoyable either.  And, we can spend hours going into the impact planes have on the environment.

That is why so many people are turning to travel trailers. You can go wherever you want, on your own time and based on your budget. Plus, you can get to many places that planes don’t reach. Not to mention, you see the grounds up close and personal.

And, you can choose to camp or stay at a hotel/motel. The options are varying and endless. Who doesn’t love adventure? Well, what makes touring with a travel trailer even more fun is adding solar power. Why not be eco-friendly while making memories that last a lifetime?

You no longer have to depend on electric hookups

One of only drawbacks of a travel trailer is looking for a hookup. When you’re driving cross-country, you may get lost. It can be a hassle finding a site with an electric hookup. Then, you get there and it is either faulty, prone to surges or not appropriate for your trailer. With a solar panel, you don’t have to worry about electric hookups. You can use the energy as long as it lasts.

Plus, you can use your appliances even if parked at a campground without hookups. A sustainable travel trailer is functional and beautiful. Fully charged, power can last for five days of off-the-grid use without an extra charge. Now, you can go somewhere new on a whim. You may not even know what awaits you around the next bend. You don’t need a visa, nor do you need to learn a new language.

You can ditch the gas-powered generators

When it comes to gas-powered generators, they are smelly and dangerous to inhale. Plus, they are fire hazards. And, the noise–don’t get me started on the noise. Pull up to a crowded campground with all that noise, and you won’t be able to count the number of steely looks you get. On the other hand, a solar-powered travel trailer eliminates all of that.

You can quietly park in a beautiful campground without worrying about stinking up the place, or being outrageously noisy. That is, unless, you choose to scream at the top of your lungs all day long. And, think of the cost savings in fuel. You don’t need any fuel to get a solar panel running. Why stick to a campground? Since you don’t need fuel or a hookup, why not park in a secluded location with a million-dollar view? As they say: Location, location, location. Your trailer carries all the amenities you need. All that’s left for you to do is to soak it all in.

Free power supply

Say what? Yup, you read that correctly–solar panels give you a free power supply. Since they get power from the sun, the only investment is the initial payment for the equipment. You can easily recover your investment. Then, enjoy years and years of free energy. What can you do with all of that free energy? Well, here are a few ideas:

  • Bird watching
  • Nature photography
  • Swim in a lake
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Watch the sunset/sunrise
  • Hike
  • Kayak
  • Camp
  • Bike

No maintenance required

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to keep your solar panels running. They are designed to work without any touch ups at all. They only require an occasional dusting. That means you’ll only need to spend money on trailer part replacements and repairs. Autoleisure has you covered for that. With all that money saved, you can experience life first hand. See how the rest of the country lives.

You might find out there are some striking differences, but also some concrete similarities. You can seek out your passion, live your dream, experience new food and culture, visit monuments, attend a parade–whatever suits your fancy. Just get out there, and travel.

Extend the life of your trailer’s batteries

With a solar panel, you can provide the gradual recharging that your batteries require. Batteries should not be discharged beyond 25 percent of its capacity. In addition, solar panels prevent battery sulfation and water loss. You maximize your fun at an affordable cost. And, now, you can let the journey be the destination.

Put an end to needless spending

You already have room and board with a solar-powered travel trailer. That means you don’t have to pay for hotels and motels, if you don’t want to. Another bonus is you can cook your own meals. All you have to do is buy the food. Don’t forget to stock your trailer with energy-efficient appliances. But, wait, there’s more. You can only store so much stuff into a travel trailer.

This leads you to think about what you really need to live. A bed, a cook top, blankets, food, water and some clothing? Along with soap and some cleaning solutions, do you really need anything else? The rest are just additions, right? Of course, you want to bring a camera and perhaps a canopy for eating outside. You might need swimwear. But, that still isn’t too much.

If you have a good cooler, you don’t have to worry about food spoiling overnight. This means you don’t waste anything. And, along with your cooktop, you can also opt to grill under the stars. Dreamy, isn’t it?

A solar-powered travel trailer can give you a world of choices and savings when traveling throughout the country. You’ll be doing good for the environment, while becoming one with nature, other towns, cities and people. It’s all about community, and you can take pleasure knowing you are doing your part to sustain this planet for future generations.

Clay Miller
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