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Eco-Friendly Jotters: Say No To Toxic Materials Being Used in Your Office

say no to toxic materialsThe interesting thing about jotters is they are both functional and practical for passive advertising. You get these jotters for the office staff to use and to give away to clients. Both are smart options. After all, memory and attention doesn’t always hold together and having organized jottings will remind you of facts, which gets to the point of living life in an eco-friendly manner.

Non-Toxic Paper

Most of the paper we use from day to day is bleached and refined paper. The methods used to get it that way involve toxic chemicals. Not only do these chemicals end up in the paper, they also contaminate the water supplies. It is important to note the amount of pharmaceuticals in our water supply, much less all of the industrial waste.

Clean Colors

While you are coming up with a logo and/ or embossing for the jotters you want, know that regular colors from competitors can be toxic. Find the right vendor and all the colors in the journal will be fine for the environment and for you. Since you are buying the best recycled materials, know that you are helping the environment.

Safe Bleaching

Most white paper that is not from recycled sources is bleached with something called “dioxin.” This compound has been linked to cancer and other severe illnesses. Eco-Friendly Jotters are not like this. The paper they are made with is safely bleached. This is important for water habitats especially. When water ways are contaminated, everything around them becomes contaminated too.

Durable Paper

Many people think that recycled and Eco-friendly paper is weak and frail. They think it tears easily. This may be true for the tissue paper version. Eco-friendly paper and all made from it is actually strong. You can order jotters for your company and make sure the paper is strong. Paper is graded in “pounds,” You can choose the paper you want based on samples.

Company Logos

The logos on the jotters are the most important part. Sport the name of your company with the logo on the front of the jotter. It is a form of advertising which functions as an item for daily use. Notice the logos other companies use on these jotters to get some ideas. The logo is constant advertising, making an impression in daily life.


Think about the benefits for your business going green. People will see this and it will draw more customers and clients. They see that you support a better planet. It is becoming popular, you know. Speak volumes to your clients by simply handing them a couple of free jotters. Give a pen with it and round off the gift. There are plenty of considerations in terms of how these jotters should look and feel.

When you know that your people are getting the advertising they need to keep on using your services, it is just another advantage to throw in the hat for the future. Provide employees with jotters so they can appreciate them too.

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