5 Ways to Clean Indoor Air in Your Home

The air we breathe in and the oxygen we take in may not always be pure. The difficulty is breathing in the same air whether we are inside or outside our house. It is significant to understand that the air should be purified at least when we are within our house. While we may not have control over the outside pollution, our house can be cleaned for ourselves and our families.

There are multiple ways of ensuring the air inside our homes is clean, hygienic and pure to breathe in. Following are a few:

1. Whole House and Room Air Filters

This is the solution to your asthma or any allergies you may have. This is a high-tech equipment installed in the HVAC system of your house. Using your house’s air conditioning system you are sure that the air in your house is not really fresh neither does it provide the necessary ventilation.

What you can do now is get a whole house air filter or an air filter for a room that you spend most of your time in. It will keep the air clean of allergens, bacteria, dust and also keep the place ventilated. To get one, visit

2. Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are a natural air purifier. If you are fond of scented candles in your house but are afraid of the harmful substances they release into the air then this is the solution for you. Beeswax candles release ions into the air that purify the air of toxins and other pollutants.

They burn slowly so you don’t need to change them often and pure beeswax candles are so awesome that they burn without any smoke or scent. They silently detoxify the air and keep away any allergens and your asthma.

3. Keep humidity levels between 30 and 50%

This percentage of humidity will kill the dust mite and prevent the growth of mold. Some molds release allergens and toxins that have adverse effects on your health. You can control the humidity by opening the windows while cooking and where you dry your clothes. You have to keep track of humidity in your house and use a humidifier once in a while when it drops too low.

Water leaks can also be a cause of mold growth so you have to be careful with that too.

4. Salt lamps

Another great natural air purifier is a salt lamp. Salt crystals purify the air of toxins, allergens and irritants by pulling water out of the air. Water is as necessary for these allergens as it is for us as humans. So, the salt effectively kills anything that can have a bad effect on us.

They add to the decor of your desk. These lamps do the trick even when turned off.

5. Test Your Place

Some places are made with materials that can result in polluted air. For example, some old houses are made of asbestos which releases radon in the air. Radon is responsible for increasing risk of lung cancer. Your house can silently kill you if you don’t get it checked.

You can contact the experts in your area and get your house tested for the presence of such chemicals in its foundations. They will tell you the do’s and don’ts. Be sure that everyone in the house knows what the experts say because it is vital to avoid any ill effect the house can have on everyone’s health.

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