Beeswax Wrap: 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Use Them

beeswax wrap

If you want to effectively reduce waste in your home, one of the best places you should start with is the kitchen. Food waste is a growing problem worldwide that needs to be dealt with accordingly. If you have a garden, then you should get an indoor compost bin to ‘save’ the food waste. But if you must throw it, stop using a plastic wrap to throw it in. In fact, stop using plastic wrap for anything as it pollute the environment and start using beeswax wrap.

Beeswax wraps offer the best alternative to plastic wraps in that they don’t degrade the environment when they are finally disposed. Here are some 5 eco-friendly ways to use beeswax wraps.

1. Use the beeswax wrap to wrap a sliced fruit

Various fruits usually come in varied and odd shapes, when they are sliced, their shapes can become even odder. If you have to wrap a fruit that you have sliced for later use, better use a beeswax wrap. Avoid using plastic wraps because they will do a poor job in covering the sliced fruit. Worse still is that plastic wraps are also bad for the environment because they can stay in the soil for quite a long time before degrading.

Using beeswax wrappers to wrap the sliced vegetables or fruits has various benefits aside from the fact that they are biodegradable. Beeswax wraps are naturally sticky and highly flexible and this makes it easier for them to be use to cover sliced fruits such as avocados, lemons, oranges or lemons. When your sliced fruit is perfectly sealed and wrapped, it remains fresh and healthy longer!

2. Use the beeswax wrap to wrap your soap or shampoo as you go travelling

If you are a travelling enthusiast and it is your routine to usually carry your soaps or shampoo in plastic bags or bulky box, consider wrapping the soap in a beeswax wrap. Beeswax wrap can help to seal your soap and shampoo perfectly well without taking up much space on your baggage. Beeswax wrap will help to keep even your wet soap intact, as it will stick into it preventing any spillage of the soap or shampoo.

Moreover, unlike plastic wraps, using beeswax wraps is eco-friendly and still very healthy to the environment. The beeswax wraps therefore are the best choice of wrap for you to wrap your soap or shampoo when you like to travel most of the time.

3. Use them to cover either leftover food or even freshly cooked food in a bowl

Most food bowls usually don’t come from the manufacturer with lids or covers. You can use beeswax wraps to cover left over or even freshly cooked food in a bowl. Beeswax wraps will help to retain the heat in the food thus keeping the food warm for longer. You can rely on the beeswax wrap to help cover your cooked food if you have already cooked it and don’t want to eat there and then.

The beeswax wraps look presentable and can be perfect for covering food for customers if you are in the business of selling food. Some of the wraps come in eye-candy designs that look attractive and presentable that your customers will definitely like.

Apart from using the wraps on bowls, you could also use them to cover your kid’s lunchbox. This will save you the pain of having to use a cling wrap or Ziplock bags to wrap your school going children’s food. The beeswax wraps look so nice and keep their shape perfectly well. In addition, when you need to clean up, the task is pretty easy!

4. Use it to pack your favorite sandwich or bread and avoid single use plastic

 Are you going to have sandwich or snacks for lunch? Instead of you using a single use plastic wrap that is bad for the environment, better use a beeswax wrap. The other benefit of using beeswax wrap instead of a single use plastic is that you don’t have to throw it away even after use. It can be washed clean and still be used to pack food or any other thing that it can be used to cover.

5. Use the beeswax wrap as a snack pouch or simply as a gift wrap

If you are the kind of person who loves snacking then beeswax wraps can really come in handy for you! It can easily be folded and turned into a snack pouch. You can then put your favorite snacks such as chocolate, favorite nuts, and pretzel in there. This way you can easily keep on snacking even as you walk around!

This is a much better alternative compared to using single use plastic that heavily pollute the environment when they are disposed. When you use the beeswax wrap as your snack pouch, you will effectively be reducing plastic bag pollution.

Another great eco-friendly way to use a beeswax wrap is to use it as a gift-wrap instead of the messy plastic wraps. Unlike the single use plastic gift-wrap that will be disposed as soon as the gift is unwrapped, a beeswax gift-wrap could still be washed and kept for later use. This is a great way that you will be conserving the environment and helping to keeping it clean and healthy.


Beeswax wraps offer a great way to help wrap things that you like to keep wrapped without compromising the environment. Unlike single use plastic wraps that litter the environment, beeswax wraps can often be washed and reused. They can be used to cover food in food bowls or kids lunch boxes. They can also be used to cover fruits that have been chopped and have to be kept for later use. Beeswax wrap even help to keep cut fruits or vegetables fresh and healthy for later use. Most of all, beeswax wraps don’t pollute the soil like single use plastic bags do so, why use plastic wraps when you can use them to help conserve the environment?

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