Top Tips on How to Reduce Amount of Clothing Going into Landfills

clothing going into landfills

As a generation that is into fashion and latest trends, there is the tendency of doing away with clothes and other textile materials that do not fit us or are not as fashionable anymore. Most times, the landfills are the final destination for the clothes that we throw away. The truth is, the sight in landfills is not pleasant at all, and the effects of the toxins in clothing are lethal to the environment and atmosphere. Reducing the amount of clothing going into landfills is critical in combating greenhouse effect and global warming in general.

In neighbourhoods, more often than usual, you will not fail to notice bin men who go about doing rubbish removal emptying wheelie bins filled with clothing into lorries. These clothing end up in the landfills with statistics showing that clothing worth £140 million ends up in landfills every year which is approximately 895,000 tonnes. These numbers are also going up as the days go by. Greenhouse gases absorb toxins from clothing lumped up in landfills and bring about greenhouse effect which, unfortunately, is having very huge and negative impacts on the atmosphere and environment.

These numbers are subject to change in a positive way with the right guidance. Here is a guide to help reduce the amount of clothing going into landfills.

Swap clothes with friends and family

This act is very popular among teenage girls and can be extended to other members of society. What is not trash to you might be very appealing to someone else. Have a party and let each one of you bring clothes you no longer want and do a trade. This will give you fresh and trendy outfits that you can rock to work, a dinner date, or to that road trip you have planned without having to spend a dime.

Resell your clothing

There is the option of turning your rags to riches by reselling your clothes and shoes that you no longer need and make extra cash from it instead of paying for rubbish removal services having filled your dustbin with clothing. You can decide to either go with online sales or find a consignment shop in your neighbourhood and sell them.


DIY have become very fashionable and exciting nowadays and there is no reason why you should not indulge in it. Take your search online and find videos and other resources that guide you step by step on how to turn old clothes to something new and fresh. You can also get creative enough and come up with your own ideas on how to re-fashion old clothes.


Your trash also happens to be treasure to someone else. Charity does not have to be in monetary terms as you can donate old clothing and put a smile on a new face. As a way of giving back to the community, pick clothes that you do not need anymore and give them a new home. This will also make room in your closet to get new clothing.


Rather than paying rubbish removal companies to pile up clothing in landfills, there is the option of recycling old clothing and re-using them for other purposes. An old faded or oversized t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants can be reused as pyjamas. An outdated skirt can be an apron. Such clothes can also give you incredible service as household cleaning items.

Instead of having conventional means to do waste management, you can consider using the services of rubbish removal companies such as Clearabee to do the work for you. Clearabee is a man and van clearance company that offers affordable and dependable waste management services in the UK. With them, there is no more worry of clothing ending up in landfills.

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