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Sep 29

Folate and Pregnancy: Why It’s So Important for The Health of The Baby

If you’re trying to get pregnant or you already are, then chances are you’ve heard of folate. Moreover, you’ve been told over and over again about how important it is. As many medical practitioners and friends who have had babies point out, it’s essential to the health of the developing fetus in your womb. From …

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Sep 10

Tips On How To Properly Use A Pregnancy Pillow

When you found out that you are pregnant, undefined happiness followed. However, there are some days when the delight of expecting a baby is overshadowed by challenges and difficulties, most especially during the stage where body pains become evident. The growing belly makes it more difficult for you to move, sleep, and do things. This …

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Jan 11

5 Natural Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

So you and your significant other have decided that the time is right to turn this pair into a threesome. Congratulations on taking the first step towards creating a new family! The decision to have a baby is complicated and nerve-wracking, and as much as you want it you’ll never feel completely ready. But once …

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