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5 Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

Eco-friendly products have minimal harmful effects on the natural environment. Today, organic products have become more popular among homeowners. People are more conscious of their environment and health conditions. Companies also use eco-friendly production processes and materials to manufacture green products.

Green products are increasingly replacing their non-organic alternatives. However, eco-friendly products used at home aren’t as demanding as people think. Many people assume they require a lot of time, energy and money to buy and maintain. On the contrary, they come with lots of benefits for homeowners.

Furthermore, every product on the market has an alternative. And, with many options to choose from, the needs of different people are easily met. Here are top five eco-friendly products you can buy for your home:

Top 5 Environment Friendly Home Products

  1. Composting Toilet

A composting toilet turns waste into fertilizer. The process involves decomposition of organic matter in the presence of certain bacteria or fungi, turning them into compost. Bacteria convert human wastes to compost under controlled, aerobic conditions.

Also known as dry toilets, composting toilets do not need water for flushing. Additives such as sawdust, peat moss or coconut coir are used to reduce odor and encourage the process of decomposition. The end product is added to soil to improve fertility. The toilet also saves on water and sewerage effects.

  1. Eco Friendly Chairs

If you are a wine lover, you definitely know wine corks. The beauty of the corks has been made more functional in the form of chairs. The chairs are made of discarded, organic wine corks. They aren’t just attractive, but also functional. Add them to your home to enhance its existing interior décor.

  1. Float

Floats are green lamps designed to enhance the beauty of your home without polluting the environment. They are made from recovered wine cork blocks. The design was officially released in 2009. Apart from being eco-friendly and helping save the world through environment protection, it adds elegance to interior spaces with a warm touch.

  1. Moss Carpets

Moss carpets are made from plastazote, a type of moss sourced from islands and forests. The carpet feels good on the feet and studies have linked moss or grass mats to increased blood circulation in the body. The carpets thrive in humid environments.

Therefore, place them in your bathroom to keep them in top shape. The carpets make bathrooms appear more elegant, in addition to helping protect the environment.

  1. Natural Wood Kitchen Workbench

Fit your kitchen with a natural kitchen workbench. It can be made from bamboo or oak walnut because it is durable and organic. The workbench has slots for holding ingredients you would like to use and even trash. It is worth the investment, adding elegance to your kitchen.

Additionally, the eco-friendly workbench is designed to make working in the kitchen easier. The kitchen worktop is both functional and attractive.

If you’re conscious about your environment and love using green products to help save the planet, you won’t go wrong with these eco-friendly products. Do further research to find more organic products you can use in your home without harming the environment.

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