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Why It Is Vital That We Take Care of the Environment

take care of the environment

Your environment is the world that is around you; the space that you are in. It is what makes up your surroundings and gives you your zest for life and the ability to live it. A healthy environment fills you with energy and enthusiasm to go about the business of living. An unhealthy one saps your energy, makes you feel lethargic and robs you of the joy of living.
There is a need to take care of your environment, not only for the sake for your personal comfort, but also for others and for all living creatures as well. If you have been following discussions on conservation of the environment and the ozone problem, you will have learned some of the habits you need to form in order to help with green living.

Things to do

  • Turn off the lights if you are not using them. This helps in the conservation of energy.
  • Use clean energy such as biogas. Biogas is extracted from natural resources which are renewable and does not harm the environment in any way.
  • Separate recyclable materials from the rest of your garbage. Learn how from 27 Recycling and other similar sites. This not only helps with saving resources, but it also helps to keep the environment clean.
  • Save natural resources such as water and trees.

Reasons for conserving the environment

  1. A clean environment ensures health

There is nothing as invigorating as breathing in fresh clean air. People have fallen ill and spent time in the hospital from breathing in noxious fumes and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. Air pollution has been proven to cause respiratory complications such as asthma as well as cancers amongst other ailments.

Water pollution has been known to contribute to dangerous and sometimes fatal stomach ailments such as typhoid, dysentery, diarrhea and other diseases. In addition, water pollution robs the sea of its beautiful aqua life.

  1. Global warming

You must have heard people voice concerns about global warming and the extreme changes in weather which have not had a positive impact on agricultural products. Agriculture is how humans get their food. With all the flooding, desertification and other climatic changes that do not favor crop growing, sources of food are going down fast. The water table is getting lower and lower. If we don’t change the way we treat our planet, we will not have one to live on.

  1. For the future generations

The only legacy we can leave for those who will come after us is an intact planet. As long as humans are wasteful and careless with natural resources, there will not be much of a world to leave for the generations to come.

  1. Biodiversity

This term refers to the varieties of life that depend on this planet; plants, animals and other living things. The loss of habitat does not help our animals and vegetation at all. Many beautiful species have ceased to exist because their habitat was taken over by humans. Other factors that come into play include climate change and pollution.

  1. This is home

Just like you take care of your home to make it livable, so should you take care of the earth. This is after all where you live. Other galaxies are far away and require colossal amounts of money to get to. They might not even be habitable. Therefore, this is all we have.


Getting on sites like 27 Recycling will help to get you more information regarding not only recycling and the benefits that you can reap from it, but also give important information on why you must be proactive with regard to conserving your environment and how you can contribute to a green living.

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