Different Types of Juicers in 2019

Omega juicerWhat type of juicer is best? That depends on your reason for juicing and how much you’ve budgeted for this purchase. We’ll start with centrifugal juicers. They’re most prevalent on the market, and they’re what most people think of when they go to purchase a juicer. As for what is the best juicer to buy? read on to discover the other types and you may change your mind on the best juicer for you .

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the best juicer to buy if you’re always in a hurry. They produce juice the quickest and usually have easy cleanup. They work by first chopping up the produce, then spinning it at very high speeds to “whip” the juice out. They produce a lot of waste, which bothers some people. Believe it or not, this type of juicer is less efficient at getting all the juice out than other types of electric juicers. Also, the fact that they produce heat is not good for the vitamin level of the juice. However, centrifugal juicers are the fastest, easiest and most convenient type of machine. This is not the best juicer to buy if you want to make wheat grass juice- although the best ones can, most simply can’t.

Low Speed, Single Gear, Masticating Juicers

The motors on masticating juicers run at much lower speeds, which is said to preserve vitamins and enzymes better than regular juicers. The speed is dramatically slower: from 20 to 200 times fewer RPMs. The great thing about masticating juicers is that because of their slow speed, they do not heat up. Centrifugal juicers heat up the juice, which oxidizes them. That causes them to lose vitamins and go bad faster. This is the best juicer to buy if you want to preserve as much of the vitamin content as possible or you want to make wheatgrass juice.

Twin Gear Triturating Juicers

What type of juicer is best? If you ask most “foodies”, they’ll say it’s a twin gear “triturating” juicer. Similar to the Single gear masticating juicers, these have two gears which rotate inward on each other, squeezing the juice out of anything from celery to apples to leafy greens…only they’re much better at it. Like the single gear, they produce juice with maximum preservation since they don’t heat it up. That’s due to the slow speeds. Twin gear machines are considered the best juicer to buy if you’re going to adopt a raw food lifestyle or you simply want the very best juicer. This is the best juicer to buy if you also want to make nut butters or even homemade pasta. You get the most juice from a twin gear juicer.

Manual Juicers

Try your arm at a hand-cranked juicer that’s easy to clean and requires zero electricity to operate. It’s the best juicer to buy if you just need a citrus juicer or a wheatgrass juicer, you’re on a tight budget (they start at $10) or you’re very serious about energy consumption, living off the grid etc. There are some beautifully designed and highly functional high-end manual juicers- for those who drink a lot of fresh squeezed orange juice they’re the best juicer ever.

Cold Press Juicers

These machines can produce a high quality, more delicious and tasteful juice, and more of it compared to those centrifugal juicers.  They operate at lower speeds , via a masticating or cold press way to grind and crush the greens and fruits to squeeze out their juice, which are designed for those who want upgrade their centrifugal juicers or look for a advanced way for their health. If you want more information about cold press juicers then visit bestcoldpressjuicer website .

 Why choose cold press juicer?

  • Via a cold press juicer, you can get a more amazing health experience.
  • Compared to common juicing method, the cold press juicers can get higher juice yield.
  • Its pressing action is pretty quiet, You can use it anytime without thinking about bothering your neighbour
  • Juice via cold press way can be kept up to three days
  • It can preserve more enzymes and nutrients due to the fact that low speed produce less heat.


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