7 Tips to Build an Eco-Friendly Dog House

eco-friendly dog house

Thinking of building a dog house or just buying ready-made one? Whichever method you intend to take when it comes to housing your dog, you need to be environmentally conscious.

Every one of us needs to take part in ensuring the environment is conserved and that it’s a safe place to live in for every living creature.

If you decide to build your own dog house, there are plenty of eco-friendly materials you can use.

The good thing about building your own dog house is that it will save you money and the environment, especially if you use eco-friendly materials.

Also, if you decide to buy a ready-made dog house, you should ensure it is built with recycled or biodegradable materials.

So, how do you build an eco-friendly dog house for your furry friend?

Here is a list of resources shared by to help you learn how to go about the process.

We hope you will find the resources helpful to you. Please read and share with other pet owners so that we can all take a stand in making the environment a safe place to live in.

1. Assemble Your Raw Materials

We assume this is something everyone does (gathering construction materials) before starting any construction project (whether your own house or any other type of construction).

But in this case, you need to start by collecting eco-friendly dog house materials. Here is a list of eco-friendly materials to gather.

  • Reusable wood fibers and polymers
  • Reusable floor tiles
  • Non-poisonous paint
  • Non-degradable cedar wood and any other eco-friendly stuff you will use in your project.
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Bricks
  • Drill
  • Lumber
  • Old wood
  • Low VOC paint.

2. The Floor Plan

The floor plan is sometimes not easy to get, particularly if you want to buy it. But you can lay bricks on the base of the dog house to act as a floor. In fact, bricks are great when it comes to flooring a dog house.

They provide warmth to your dog during winter and are cool during the summer season. That means your canine friend will be comfortable throughout the year.

3. The Base

Since we want an eco-friendly dog house, we need to ensure all the materials we use are recyclable and in this case, the best material to use as the base of your dog house would be old wood pallets or other wood scraps.

You can collect plenty of pieces of wood scraps and nail them together to form the shape and size you want for your dog house. You can also use durable recycled plastic materials instead of wood scraps.

4. Building the Dog House

The next thing to do is starting to build the house according to your plan- we assume you have a plan for it.

Here, you need to ensure the base is big enough to accommodate your dog. Remember, even if your dog is small now, he will grow. Therefore, ensure the floor area can accommodate him.

Cut the wood into properly-sized pieces according to your blueprint. Bob from Inspire, Design & Create suggests using a band saw like one of these for accurate cuts and to keep straight edges on all components. You can use red cedar or composite lumber to serve as the walls of the dog house. Once cut, nail a few of the pieces to the base to act as walls. 

The two materials are safe for your dog since they do not release chemicals.

5. The Roof

To make work easier, you need to make the roof separately before you install it on top of the dog house. This way, you will fix it more easily and fast. You can use lumber asphalt shingles. Other materials you can use include old tires and eco-friendly roof tiles. These are some of the best roofing materials for an eco-friendly dog house. Make the roof in the shape you want.

6. Put the Roof on Top of Your Dog House

Once you have made the roof, make some holes on all sides and then put it to the body of the dog house. Attach the roof to the body of the house using nails and hammer to make it strong.

Paint Your Dog House

Once you have attached the roof to the body of the dog house, you have tightened it with nails, and hammer, the last thing is to paint the whole house with non-toxic paint. You can use low VOC paint since it does not emit odors and does not pollute the environment.


Your eco-friendly dog house is complete. You can now take in your furry friend.

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