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Make Morning Commutes Greener With Electric Scooters

It’s never been more apparent that we all need to do our part to help the environment. Every night on the news, you will hear something about how the planet is in danger. Global Climate Change is critical, and there are little things we can do that can make a difference. 

Choosing an electric scooter is one way to help reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet heal. Little things can add up and make a big difference. 

Here are a few of the reasons we think it’s a good idea to choose an electric scooter for your commuting needs. 

It Will Save you Money

Traveling and traffic are getting more difficult each year. Gas prices are going through the roof. As the world comes out of the pandemic hibernation, it’s even more important to do your part to lower how much of that carbon footprint comes from getting gas to get to work. 

An electric scooter can be the perfect option for those who want to save cash on their commute. Those who live in the city and have shorter commutes will save a significant amount. If it’s just a little too far to walk but not far enough to need to take a car, the electric scooter is just what you need. 

Electric scooters, also known as E-scooters, are easy to park as well. Often you can find parking that isn’t in a paid garage like you would need if you were to drive a car. 

They also cost significantly less to operate. Generally, electric scooters only cost around .60 cents per 100km. It takes about 2kWh of electricity for that distance. That’s significantly better than the price of gas. 

Another way an E-scooter can save you money is when it comes down to the maintenance requirements. 

A standard vehicle often needs expensive maintenance to keep it running. At the same time, scooter maintenance is closer to what you would typically equate with taking care of a bicycle. 

Electric scooters are a low-maintenance form of transportation. Of course, the chain should be checked reasonably often and the pressure and tread of the wheels but other than that, they do not require regular maintenance. 

They can also be less expensive to fix. Whereas for some vehicles, a repair on a single part can cost you more than you would pay for the electric scooter in general. 

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Cities are known for their difficulty with air quality. Part of that problem comes from so many people commuting into one area to work. If you’re considering changing how to get to work, an electric scooter should be on your list. 

In general, a car puts off about 165 grams of the planet-warming CO2 for every kilometer it’s driven. An electric scooter has zero emissions. The small amount of electricity used to power a scooter is far less damaging to the environment. Scooters could help to reduce the pollution within the air of the city significantly. 

Save Time and Enjoy Your Commute

Scooters also actually will save you time. Traficis usually backed up within a city, and on the way into a town around the time, most people go to work—the dreaded rush hours. As a result, commutes can be miserable, stuck in a car with traffic grinding to a halt. 

This can make your commute to work miserable. Many people suffer from road rage and tend to show up to work angry and upset from dealing with all the traffic problems. So if you want to lower your stress levels, consider taking an electric scooter to work instead of a car for your daily trip into the office. 

With an electric scooter, you won’t have those issues. They qualify for the bike lane in almost all areas. That means you could cut your commute time in half. 

It’s also a whole lot more fun to ride a scooter than it is to sit and wait in a car. You can still listen to music or your favorite podcast with the right headphones. 

Electric scooters are also a fantastic time saver for college students. Most college campuses are enormous. Getting from one place to another on the campus can be incredibly challenging if you have back-to-back classes. An E-scooter can be an affordable way to save time and ensure that you get to those classes before the professor locks the door. 

Get Healthy While you Travel

Even though electric scooters and bikes have electric power, they are still partially powered by you. You can increase the distance on an E-scooter by doing some of the work. At the same time, you will find that little by little; you begin to get into better shape just by taking a different method to get to your job every day. 

These are a great alternative to a standard scooter or bike for those not at the peak of their physical condition. For example, that trip to the office might be too intimidating to tackle without the electric motor’s assistance. However, by using an electric scooter, you get the best of both worlds. The workout that will keep you healthier and happier. 

It’s also been shown that it’s beneficial to get outside regularly. Unfortunately, for some people, that hasn’t always been an option. The time it takes them to commute to work can be the only extra time they have. 

Choosing an electric scooter makes it so that you’re getting your daily dose of fresh air and still maybe have some time left over to take that walk to the local park you’re always planning. 

Overall, if you want to save time, money and help the planet in one simple change, you should seriously consider switching your commute to a ride. 

Electronic scooters are an affordable green technology that is gaining popularity worldwide. They are small enough to store easily even in a small apartment and make a great alternative to taking a car to work. 

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