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Oct 10

Gardening Teaches Us Recycling Skills

Gardening is the exercise of growing plants as part of horticulture (a science which studies the art of cultivating fruits, flowers, vegetables and any other kinds of cultivar). It is a great recreational activity or hobby that can teach you a lot of things especially in saving the environment without costing much expense financially. You …

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May 29

New Trends in Green Living: Urban Gardening

If you live in a city, you don’t have to go to far to see that urban growing is the newest trend in green building. It seems like a garden has been squeezed into nearly every rooftop and sunny space in cities across the nation, and for good reason. With several billion mouths to feed …

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Jan 30

Why Not Go Green At Gardening Too? It Pays!

When we say ‘Go Green’ it does not only mean planting green things in the surroundings; it also means saving environment from hazardous chemicals or inappropriate human activities. For this reason you might have gone green everywhere – at home, in kitchen, at office – just everywhere! But did you imagine you could make your …

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Jan 24

Optimizing Your Germination and Purity Rates

Gardening, the hobby for the impromptu ‘green thumb’ and favorite past time for the young and old, it is accessible across all markets and for genuine lovers of nature. What is special about this hobby is because it all starts from a tiny seed. However, good soil with a healthy level of nutrient retention and …

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May 23

Top Tips for Getting Your Kids Interested in Gardening

Many parents try to get their kids to help them in the garden, but not many succeed. Although we all know that kids enjoy playing in the dirt, they won’t want to work in the garden if they think they’re being forced to do their chores. Talking excitedly about the garden will spark your children’s …

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Apr 25

Fun Eco Activities for Kids

Imbuing children with an environmental consciousness is something that many parents list as a top priority in this day and age. But explaining complex concepts like global warming, conservation, the benefits of organic farming, and the circular flow of production to kids may not be as easy as you think. In truth, you may have …

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Dec 05

Why Our Children Need the Countryside

There are few things more satisfying than a walk in the countryside. Nature has a wonderful effect on most people: it can make them happier, calmer and more relaxed. Children and Nature Nature is also an important part of growing up. The creatures of nature have the ability to astound young children and help them …

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Jul 01

How and why did I get into gardening? I gave my answer to The Courier-Journal

Clay Miller in Courier Journal

The Courier-Journal, the Louisville newspaper, recently asked residents why and how did they become drawn into gardening. Me, being a gardener for over 15 years, had to answer. I was lucky enough to have my response and photo in the newspaper. The following is what I wrote on why I’m drawn from an early age: …

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