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Hilarious! A Fresh Perspective To Obesity

Technology’s Satire On Obesity

Just a few days ago I saw these two pictures that depicted a quibble satire on obesity. Hilarious as they seem, made me laugh my guts out for a while. But then suddenly realization dawned on me. This satire is unequivocally true. Whilst the technology is getting slimmer, sleeker and healthier, obesity is taking quite an opposite turn. See for yourself.

So what should be our take on this? Should we improve our way to life with technology or get sloppy and adopt a couch potato attitude. Most people regard technology to be one of the causes to obesity. Being obese is one of our own faltering. And blaming technologies for it is just a petty excuse.

It is understandable that obesity as medical condition requires assistance. And it is advised to take immediate help if even after your efforts you are not losing weight. If weight loss is the perspective then plenty of diet plans like HCG Diet Florida, weight loss programs etc offer a really good way to lose weight.

But if technology is a reason for you to be lazy and sluggish, then it is time that you change it. Obesity is nearing to be an epidemic and if don’t realize, perhaps the satire could become a darker reality.

Obesity is complex! No single cause can effectively be pointed for it. But one can always understand the source of it and make amendments accordingly.

1. Eating habits & Lifestyle – Food is a pleasure these days and the availability of food is easy. Your eating habits can be a big cause of obesity. If you are relying too much on the bad food like junk food, preserved food, pre-packed food etc then being over weight is a surety. Food cravings and over eating are also more common these days.

Further, if you abet too much of modern conveniences such as elevators, cars, and the remote control for television then your physical activity is significantly cut.

2. Emotional Levels – Stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem are some emotional states which increase the tendency of obesity. For example under stress and depression people tend to over eat.

3. Genes & Medical Issues – For some people obesity is a genetically inherited disorder. Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other diseases are linked with being obese and require immediate medical supervision.

4. Social Influences – If your social circle such as your family, friends, relatives adhere to wrong eating and life style habits. Then chances are high that their negative influence could pose a problem for you.

5. Sleeping Patterns – Modern day life has acute shortage of time. Under such stress full environment people are becoming more sleep deprived and have irregular sleep patterns. Reduced sleeps increases the chances to be obese.

6. Vices – Alcohol and smoking are two prominent causes of obesity ands healthy issues.

7. Pregnancy – During pregnancy women have natural tendency to gain weight. But some women find it difficult to lose weight after the birth of child. This results into obesity in women.

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