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Dec 19

Review: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” by Mare Cromwell

"Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother" by Mare CromwellI like to read and learn new perspectives on things, especially about our planet, so I was very interested when Mare Cromwell, the author of “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”, sent me a copy of her book to review. This book details thirteen messages Mother Earth has for the planet. She shares this knowledge with a young woman named Sarah. Mare Cromwell depicts Mother Earth as hopeful for our future, but discusses many of the issues we face today and the changes that need to be made.

“Messages From Mother…. Earth Mother” is the Winner of the 2013 Green Living category in the Indie Excellence Book Awards. And also a Finalist in the Spirituality category of the same competition. Along with a Finalist in the Nature Category of ForeWord Magazine’s  Book of the Year Awards.
Here are some of my favorite parts of the book:

You know I really like this sustainability thing some of you are talking about. That is a wonderful way to love me! But you know, it was going on long before you all existed and was far beyond your two-leggeds’ ideas of sustainability. It was and still is a planetary dance of life, and energy, and celebration. It’s been a wondrous web for a long, long time. Oh, a delicious, magical, amazing web of my insects, and flowers and trees, and four-leggeds. All my beautiful  four-leggeds … and six-leggeds, and finned ones and winged ones. The list is so, so long.

Fear that comes from your head is an illusion. Fear that comes from your instincts is not. Learning to discern between the two will help in stilling your mind and being in the moment.

There is this entire world that I have worked very hard on, very hard, just outside your doors-and most of you have tuned me out of your lives. It makes me so sad how much of my planet is paved over, dumped on, dug up, etc. Most of you have forgotten all the critters that existed there where you now drive or live or play golf. Naming your streets after the animals and trees that have disappeared just does not count.


Mare Cromwell writes in a very down to Earth way, pun intended. “Messages From Mother…. Earth Mother” is easy to read while carrying a powerful message for everyone. There is much to learn here about our planet from someone who dedicates her life to our planet. I think everyone will take away some helpful information from Mare Cromwell and this book. Topics ranging from sustainability, gardening, fossil fuels, energy, technology to gender inequality are discussed. I would highly recommend this book. I think it is the perfect gift for a college student and anyone who is looking for a smart perspective on our lives on Earth.

Mare Cromwell is an award-winning author, plant intuitive, sacred gardener, poet and worm herder. She has studied for seventeen years with Native American teachers and calls Western Maryland home. Her first book, “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America”, received awards from several national book competitions in 2003.

If you would like order a personally signed copy of the book go to

Visit and/or buy a copy of her book on You can follow Mare Cromwell on Twitter @EarthMotherMsgs.


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  1. Mare Cromwell

    Hi Clay,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I’m so humbled by your words. Deep gratitude! Is it okay to also add that if folks want to order a personally signed copy of the book for themselves, they can go to

    Thank you, Clay… for your beautiful work for Earth Mother here on your rich website!
    Blessings and Happy Holidays!

    1. Clay Miller

      No problem. I have added it.

      Keep up the great work!

      1. Mare Cromwell

        Thanks, Clay!

  2. Michael Payne (@2wasteerase)

    The only way to reduce is easy, don’t produce. Helping create solutions first. BIB Build It Better. Abilities.

    1. Mare Cromwell

      You are very right… and there are many other ways to honor Earth Mother too, both in our physical actions and gratitude back to her for all she gives us. Blessings to you!
      – Mare

  3. Michael Payne (@2wasteerase)

    Refuse is the start. Don’t buy if not sustainable.

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