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Bathroom-ology – Designing a Green Bathroom

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Once considered simply practical, bathrooms are places for self-pampering, rest and renewal. Plan your bathrooms renovation to achieve both luxury and looks. Add “Green” design items to give rise to a wholesome setting, which is eco-friendlier. Going green does not mean bursting your budget for the renovation.

Health-focused styles take full advantage of natural light and fresh air. This particular focus will serve to reduce the potential risk of injury. Also, potential issues as toxic chemicals, things that trigger allergies and molds can even be rectified.

Bathroom demolition cost is another factor to consider when it comes to renovating a bathroom with green remodeling techniques. These techniques are particularly designed to be long-lasting and they create a safe and natural environment. Basically, it involves materials that are made out of things with fewer toxins as possible.

The Risks of Black Mold

Black mold is the main issue for household toxic contamination, disease and infection. Without a doubt, the bathroom is the major source of toxic mold contamination.

Firstly, black mold, a fungus, sticks and grows on wall surfaces exactly where there’s a   higher level of continuous dampness — often on moist floor surfaces and unsealed cement lines. Black mold spores may float on slight air gusts triggered by simply walking into the area. Inhaled black mold and yeast spores produce allergy symptoms, as well as sensitivity to some other lung toxic irritants and contagious health conditions. “Some types of mold found in the house produce harmful toxins which can certainly be dangerous and stimulate birth disorders. It may affect the disease fighting capability too,” says David Johnston, a professional LEED contractor.

Expense and Environmental Elements

Despite the fact that bathrooms are often smaller than kitchens, these are usually the largest user of vital resources. This is where a lot of the indoor water is used in the house and exactly where the highest fraction of electrical power is consumed.

In accordance with the EPA (Environmental protection agency), an average user in the USA uses 85 gallons of water on a daily basis. A higher quantity of water used is for showering and bathing. In addition, a leaking tap may waste up to 3,000 gallons every year. Whats worst is a running or leaking toilet which may waste on average 250 gallons on a daily basis. Green upgrading gives the opportunity to consider beautifully-designed materials and supplies that reduce water usage.

There are numerous options available when selecting a ‘green’ toilet system for commercial buildings or residential abodes.

Low-flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons per flush. If the same four people are each flushing five times a day, that only amounts to 32 gallons of water used per day. Meanwhile, dual-flush toilets have either a lever on the side or a push button system on top of the tank. This allows the user to choose one button for flushing liquid waste, which uses only 0.8 gallons of water, and the other for solid waste, which uses 1.6 gallons.

Building A Green Bathroom

Start your bathroom renovation project with a new design that features your family’s needs. Then make a list of the advancements you would like to add.

For a start, evaluate how you’ll most effectively cut down dampness in your bathroom. Although the window may meet code requirements, would it really be opened all winter long? Would it be beneficial to install an additional exhaust fan?

Subsequently, properly evaluate the particular materials you want to install. For a new vanity counter-top, opt for materials in which surfaces are made to resist absorption of microorganisms. Also, get a counter-top which may easily be washed without harsh chemical substances.

Lastly, for more tips on a green bathroom design, you may want to visit this.

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