Black Angus and Simmental – the most popular cattle breeds for sale?


When we’re talking about cattle breeds and someone asks us to name one random breed, in an instant, almost all of us think about Black Angus cattle. Being also called Aberdeen Angus, this breed originates from Scotland, more specifically from Aberdeenshire. Locally, they are nicknamed  “doddies” and “hummlies”. Coming close behind Black Angus cattle in terms of popularity is the Simmental cattle breed, a name that sometimes also comes to mind when one thinks of cattle.

Things you need to about Black Angus

Regarding their physical appearance, Angus cattle can be red or black in colour, but they are more often than not black, while also being a naturally polled breed. They are very different from Simmental cattle, another well-known and appreciated breed, as the last one (the Simmental) has a yellow white colour.

As for their behavior, they are very adaptable to harsh meteorological conditions, undemanding, good natured and have a tendency to mature really early, which is a favourable point amongst farmers. They are known as one of the best cow breeds for beef, their muscular appearance being of help in this respect. The breed is also used for crossbreeding in order to improve carcass quality and milk production. 

What might be less known about them is that they are really good mothers with an amazing milking ability. In the process of cow selling, Black Angus has a major advantage as the market demands exactly what this breed has to offer: carcasses with more marbling and tender beef.

What’s more, Black Angus cows are known for their easy birthing and for their good calving rate and healthy calves. These cows are very fertile and have a short period of gestation, in comparison to other breeds.

Things you need to know about Simmental breed

While also being a polled breed, the Simmental differs mainly in color from the Black Angus variety. If the Black Angus is obviously black, the Simmental Cow has a yellow to white coloring.

Its name comes from the Simme Valley, located in Switzerland, the area where the breed was first bred. Because of their naturally robust body, they are used as draft animals and also as milk and beef breeds. We have to admit thought that today, the demand for working cows has reduced considerably, but milk and beef production are still very important, and these are the main reasons Simmental cattle are raised for.

How do we recognize this breed? Firstly, by color which varies from gold to red, yellow or even red with white. This breed may have these colours all over the body or found in defined patches on a white background.

When we’re looking for cows for sale and we’re searching especially for Simmental, we should be able to recognize them from far away. Besides the coloring, the heavy dewlap, the hornless head and the dark pigment around their eyes are some other distinctive features that can help us distinguish them easily. Highly adaptable under any meteorological conditions, with heavy muscles and a good and robust conformation, this cattle breed is abundant in docility while having excellent mothering traits.

Seradria – the largest company in Romania that raises cattle for sale

Romania is a well-known player in this area. Raising different breeds of cattle for both dairy and beef, this country has excellent commercial relationships with countries from the Middle East and also with those around the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are looking for the equivalent of the european Simmental, then look no further than one of the most popular cattle breeds raised on Romanian territory – Baltata Romaneasca. And if you are looking for a company that exports cattle and sheep livestock then Seradria is the answer, with more than 23 years of experience in this field.  With an impressive farm in Cluj Napoca Country, the company takes good care of the animals, being able to provide all the sanitary documents needed for export, documents that certify that the cattle and sheep are well bred and well treated.

For those who are interested in buying cattle or sheep livestock, the site of the company,, gives them the opportunity to find out more about its activity and about all of the breeds raised and sold.

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