Common Mistakes A First-Time Dog Owner Make

first time dog owner

If you decide on becoming a first time dog owner, chances are you are obsessed with dogs and how cute they look with their constant demeanors. But, the thing about dogs is that they are not just these cute creatures meant only for cuddling. They are living, breathing beings that need constant care, guidance, training, nutrition, and exercise. Failing on any of these fronts can put you and your dog in trouble.

It’s not uncommon for a first time dog owner to commit certain mistakes. Make sure you’re not one of them. Read this post to avoid those common mistakes that  first-time dog owners tend to make –

Constant yelling and leash pulling

A young pup needs equal parts love, care, and discipline. While most people don’t fail in the love aspect, they do fail in the discipline segment. However, when it comes to instilling a sense of structure and discipline, make sure not to yell or beat your dog up. Try to avoid pulling their dog chain or leash. This can reduce their life span and also make them scared of you. Using a stern tone and associating negative behavior with punishment that doesn’t involve yelling or physical harm is the ideal way to go.

Not ensuring a chain of command

No dog owner wants their dog to feel suffocated. But, you shouldn’t do that with uncontrolled democracy. When it comes to dogs, it’s crucial to set clear boundaries from the get-go. Failing to make it clear to your dog that he is supposed to follow orders can easily make him unruly and out of control.

Not bringing the ‘right’ dog home

All dogs are adorable. That’s not even up for debate. But, think about factors like your living space, your financial condition, and the time you can spend on dog grooming to choose the right one. If you live in a tiny apartment, smaller breed dogs will be better for you. Getting a Labrador or Golden Retriever would mean that you are committed to regular grooming and hair everywhere. Big breeds will become obese and aggressive in the absence of regular exercise. Perform due diligence and research to bring home the kind of pup that can fit seamlessly in your lifestyle.  

Inability to say ‘NO’: common mistake of first time dog owners

It’s hard not to fall for those puppy eyes! Cute can go a long way in getting away with lots of things including negative behavior. It’s normal for puppies to constantly bite/nibble on things. Many are even in the habit of jumping people as a way of showing affection. While that jump can be cute, it won’t be half as cute when they are all grown-up and heavy. Convey your message loud and clear right when they are pup as to what behavior is acceptable and what’s not.

Not socializing your dog

That’s right. It’s not just humans that need socializing. Dogs need it too. Socialization will get your dog used to all kinds of environments. They will get used to the company of children, animals, strangers, and unfamiliar situations so they don’t get triggered easily. Lack of proper socialization can install a sense of phobia. Sometimes it can even lead to behavioral problems that can be hard to fix in later stages of life.

Being a first time dog owner is not easy. Hopefully, you took away some important nuggets of information from this post and will implement them before bringing a new pup home. Do seek out expert’s advice and consider sending your dog for training at Delaware K9 Academy.

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