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Simple Yet Effective Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

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Who does not love taking out a few minutes from their busy schedules and soaking up in the sun? The secret to healthy living does not lie only in eating fresh and sleeping eight hours a day. You also need to go out, connect with nature and enjoy nature as much as you can. The kind of lives we lead might make it arduous for us to go out and connect with the deep silence of nature. But, we can always try. And once you take some time out of your routine to make nature a part of your life, you can see a marked shift in your health, physical and mental. Greenery is alleviating, and nature is healing, and therefore, we must always try to look for ways to participate in activities that can take us closer to nature. Speaking of which, there is a beautiful way to go about this job, especially if you have a lawn in your house. 

Lawn care might sound like a task that takes the heart out of you. But if you are fortunate enough to have a lawn, you must make sure that you engage yourself in some lawn care activities. These tips, that we have taken the opportunity to discuss in this article, will help you take care of your lawn and also help you to establish a connection with nature. 

Get Rid of Weeds and Moss:

Weeds and moss are pernicious little things that can wreak havoc to your lawn. It is very important that you tend to them first and then cater to the secondary lawn care requirements. Removing weeds and moss does not even have to be a difficult job, and you can do it yourself if you get the basics right. However, if you find it difficult or need professional aid, you can always depend on TruGreen for their quality lawn care services. What you need to do is get the right toolset which is quite easy to handle and remove the weeds from their roots. You must not leave any strain of them deep into the soil because they will always find a way to grow back. Another effective and easy way to make sure that you have rid your lawn of weeds and moss is by using a mild herbicide that is enough to kill the weeds but not harm the quality of the soil.  

Take Care of the Drainage of Your Soil:

A vital part of lawn care is to maintain the quality of the soil and improve the drainage system. You cannot afford to allow water to clog at the roots of your plants and grass. This will only lead to the roots rotting away, and your plants will die eventually. Catering to the drainage of your soil is extremely important, and you must not settle until you find the best way to do so. Here is a tip. As preposterous as it might sound, you can actually change the nature of your soil by using a mix of organic materials. These materials will tweak the quality of the soil, help in the growth of plants and also prevent water from logging at the roots. Do a bit of research on what works well with the type of your soil and kind of plants you have to make an informed decision. 

You Must Aerate the Soil:

Now that you have taken care of waterlogging and know what needs to be done, it is time to look after the aeration of the soil. Aeration is the process of allowing air and water, in the desired quantity, to reach to the roots and help your plants absorb all the essential nutrients. Aeration is as easy as it can be. You do not need the entire gamut of gardening equipment. All you need is a garden fork or aerating shoes (yes, that is a thing!). Using the garden fork or shoes, you need to dig proper holes at the right levels in the soil to better allow the penetration of air and water. Aeration must be done once every few years and makes for an effective way to maintain lawns that have been impacted by droughts or deluge. 

A Final Word:

Seeding, using the right fertilizers, mowing, and watering are things that make for the basics of lawn care. And one does not require special mention when it comes to these. But, weeding, drainage and aeration are some of the most crucial dimensions of lawn care that not everybody knows of. It is imperative to pay attention to these factors as well if you are to keep your lawn at the best of its health and make the most out of your lawn care process. Taking care of your lawns and gardens is one of the best ways to connect to nature, and you must definitely consider taking this job up. 

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