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Sustainable Clothing—A Path towards a Greener World

sustainable clothing

The fashion industry often tells people what to wear this summer, what to leave in the past and what to look forward to the next year. However, they are mostly silent when it comes to taking the blame and recognizing issues concerning sustainability in fashion. Luckily, we all know that so-called green clothing has amazing benefits for humans, animals and the entire planet, but what exactly are those benefits? It’s time to tell you how sustainable clothing leads to a greener future.

Pollution caused by fast fashion

In general, clothing production leaves a huge carbon footprint. Combined with pesticide pollution used in growing cotton and toxic dyes used in achieving those perfect bold colors, these has a detrimental effect to the world. Luckily, there are still companies like Rockay Running that not only produce durable and sustainable clothing pieces. This company also respects sustainability and eco practices. These companies tend to use 100% recycled materials to produce their products instead of opting for conventional cotton that requires 0.3 pounds of chemicals in order to produce one clothing piece!

Cutting back on waste 

Another issue with the fashion industry is “fast fashion” and clothing that wears out after a few washes. While buying organic products is very important, you must also seek durable pieces that will last you a long time. Instead of wearing those new fad pants, it’s much smarter to invest in something with a classic shape. Favouring neutral colors helps as it will stay in style for many years to come. Keeping your consumerism in check and cutting back on waste will do a lot more good for the earth. Do not fill your closet with unnecessary items that will end up on a landfill in a year.

No animal cruelty

Those new leather boots one of the fashion giants presented on the runway this fall/winter season might be nice. However, there’s an animal that paid with its life somewhere in order to make those shoes. It’s always better to ditch materials that come from animals and choose something cruelty-free. Something that you can wear without worrying whether an innocent animal had to die for your shoes or accessories.

Buy Fair Trade products

Many companies struggle with providing the stores with such a rapid turnover of cheap clothing, so they need to do everything they can in order to minimize the cost of production. The most notorious consequence of fast fashion is sweatshops. In order to cut production costs, some companies choose to move their production to economically developing countries where they can find cheap labor and more lax taxes. Many people there work in unimaginable conditions without basic safety measures and surrounded by violence in the workplace. 

On top of that, people also get extremely low wages and many of the workers in those sweatshops are children. While child labor starts many discussions, not much changes from year to year. If you want to learn more about this subject, check out the documentary 

The True Cost which is a real eye-opener. 

So, make sure to buy either locally produced clothing or those items labeled with the Fair Trade mark. These items are surely produced under safe working conditions, they are sweatshop-free and people who produced them got a fair wage for their services. Supporting Fair Trade production proves that not everything is lost and that there are companies that still care about people and places more than just numbers.

Buying sustainable clothing and the right products isn’t the end

You can buy the greenest clothing pieces and still pollute the environment if you don’t care about your clothing in the right way. In order to stay green, you need to wash your clothes on the cold cycle. It lowers your energy use. In addition, grab biodegradable detergent to prevent water and soil pollution. Line drying is also better than tumble drying because it saves more energy and money.

You don’t have to give up anything to stay stylish. Changing the way you see fashion is all you need. Buy more sustainable clothing and eco-friendly products and keep your closet empty of polluting and unnecessary items.

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